My name is Carolyn Fincher and I am a personal finance and business expert from Fayetteville, North Carolina. After having gained years of valuable experience working in real estate I developed a real desire to share my knowledge and expertise with others through online coaching. To this end over the past few years I’ve already written a series of e-books about starting up in business, making money in real estate and managing personal finances. Titles you may be familiar with, including “Your Handy e-Guide to Setting Up in Business” and “Profit from Property – an e-Guide to Investing in Real Estate”. Now I have just completed my latest and most important work “The Ultimate Guide to Money Management and Success in Your New Business” and I want to share my secrets with you, aspirant entrepreneurs and budding executives.

Download the First Chapter for Free

The first chapter of this exciting new book can be downloaded from this website for free, just click here and follow the instructions. Meantime this website is provided as a powerful interactive resource for all prospective new business owners to engage with, to draw ideas from and also hopefully to offer some of your own.

I have big ambitions for this project and I would very much like you to be a part of them. What I hope is not only that you will visit and read what I have to say (and don’t forget it will be updated regularly with lots of exciting new material), but also that you’ll get involved in what I’m confident will develop into a thriving online community. There will be the opportunity to contribute articles, place advertisements or to get advice from me directly about your new business and how to grow it. For my part I obviously hope to gain new clients, sell products and monetize the blog through affiliate programs, advertising and suchlike (please note that in order to comply with Google guidelines I do not sell links). When this website succeeds, we all benefit.

Get Involved, Help Build the Blog

So please treat this website as your own one-stop shop for acquiring and contributing all the latest news and information about what’s going on the business world. Submit articles to showcase your own talents and even arrange a coaching session or book me to speak at your own function. The potential is limitless, so please stick with me and help this valuable resource to grow.