Better Health Through Your Finances After 40

Posted in Finance on December 22nd, 2023

It can be scary to think you may not have enough money for retirement and it’s never too late to save. This can help keep your body in good health and ease the mind too. From having emergency cash to paying off debts, here are some useful suggestions from financial experts.

Discuss a Plan with the Experts

Having a plan in place means you know what will happen, easing some of the emotional burden. You may or may not have enough, and that doesn’t really matter. What does matter is how your finances are being acquired, saved and managed. Financial management can be overwhelming and confusing for some. Services such as Horan Wealth can help you come up with actionable plans for getting to grips with your money and making it work for you.

Have a Critical Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is vital for two reasons. First, anything can happen at any time, and you will need money to deal with it. Second, without an emergency fund, you will be forced to either use money you don’t have (i.e. get a loan) or access your savings. An emergency fund can be as little or as large as you think you need. But imagine if you lost your job and needed to fund your bills for up to a year. Consider all scenarios and develop a fund based on what you will need.

Finances After 40 Rely on Your Pension

Okay, so you’re nowhere near pension age at 40. But you must act fast to learn about your pension because this is what will affect you the most when the time comes to retire. A survey in the UK found that almost 70% of Generation X and 75% of Millennials don’t save enough for their pension plans. The stress from not knowing where you stand with finances can cause severe issues such as bad gut health, depression and anxiety that can get worse with age.

Address High-Interest Debts

Almost everyone has debt in some form or another. The biggest one you have is more than likely to be your mortgage. Others include credit cards and personal loans. These are high-interest debts that haunt you when you sleep and will only drag you down. Try to pay these off as early as possible. This frees up more money for a better quality of life and provides you the opportunity to put your finances in order so any money you have can secure a future.

Develop More Income Streams

This is easier said than done, but developing more income streams can be a versatile way to ensure you have extra cash coming in for saving for the future. If you have enough, you can also achieve something of a life upgrade. Many people these days take to working from home for extra cash or starting a home business. Investments can also provide extra avenues of income. But always be aware that investments are not much more than bets, and you can lose.


Seeking professional guidance is a good first step to handling your finances after 40. You must also begin to pay into a pension if you don’t already. And finding extra income streams will help.

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