Bringing Your Small Business up to Speed with Tech and the Web

Posted in Management, Online Marketing on September 10th, 2019

Chances are you’ve considered building an online presence for your brand by now. If you’re not trading online already, it’s time to start your journey into E-commerce. This is one of the fastest expanding sectors of retail and small business website pricing has never been more affordable, so if you don’t set up a site and social media pretty quickly, you can find yourself falling behind.

You also need to incorporate tech into your business’ operations. Without it, you could be experiencing lower productivity when your business could be streamlined and managed much better! This, of course, can be a lot to tackle at once. But to help get the ball rolling in the right direction, we’ve focused on a few areas where your small business can really benefit from being brought up to speed in terms of tech and the web!

Document Storage and Organisation

Of course, when you’re operating in an increasingly digital realm, you’re going to need to make sure that your digital files are just as organised and as safely stored as any physical documents might be. You’re highly likely to find yourself using the cloud to achieve safe and organised digital file storage. Put simply, the cloud is essentially a bunch of servers with the computing power to store documents or deliver services. Nowadays, cloud storage offers you a means of storing everything away in a virtual space where you can bring files back at any given time by simply searching for the correct keywords or terms. To make document storage and organisation as simple and straightforward as possible, collaborate with a company like Vertex.

Social Media

Social media presence is a huge branding opportunity. Your customers probably spend a lot of their free time on social media, so you need to place your brand where they’re looking. You also want to engage with them and for them to engage back. Successful social media management means getting your customers on your wavelength and communicating with them through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These are the main three platforms you might want to focus on, but there are others out there, such as Pinterest and blogging sites.


Apps can be highly beneficial to your business. Increasing numbers of consumers are shopping on their mobiles and apps can give them an easy means of shopping with you directly through your app rather than through their mobile’s browser. To create a bespoke app, you will need to collaborate with developers. They’ll be able to bring your visions to life!

There really is a lot to take into consideration when it comes to crafting an online presence for your small business. But hopefully, the above advice will give you some interesting starting points!

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