How to Build a More Inclusive Workplace

Posted in Business on December 15th, 2021

After a period of research, findings indicated that 35% of businesses with a more inclusive working environment have a better chance of outperforming those without it. Ideally, the workplace is not an environment for any special group. With an all-embracing culture and diversity, people can be better motivated to work without holding back.

In the long run, the business stands to benefit. Here are some details on building a more inclusive workplace.

Incorporate Inclusivity Into Company Core Values

For a more entrenched inclusive working atmosphere, it would be helpful to integrate it into your business’s core values. These are laid down principles that provide guidance within the establishment. As expected, everybody within the business is expected to rally around the company’s core values. As long as inclusivity is a dominant feature of the core values, it becomes easier and even more convenient to practice it consciously. So, if your business is yet to include it, you can do so with some help. If your establishment already has the inclusivity concept woven into its core values, it will be helpful to review them periodically, especially after significant company events. It could be an employee/ customer complaint or anything else that questions how effective your business’s inclusive culture is. Moreover, since many businesses are making this a significant part of their culture, it pays to stay ahead of the competition, as stated by the successful businesswoman Krissy Jones.

Appeal to the Vulnerable or Minority Groups

Over the years, more businesses are beginning to understand the huge benefits of appealing to minority groups. This movement is driven by the need to be seen as a business with considerable interest in the vulnerable in society. Therefore, it is not too surprising that many business establishments make it a corporate social responsibility to donate to charities catering to such groups.

The overall objective is to use your position to cause a positive change in the lives of minorities and the vulnerable. With little observation, you will realize that hugely successful brands make maximum use of this strategy. They tend to make minorities the target for their charities.

Make Inclusive Language Normal at the Workplace

Usually, people do not always realize the sensitivity elements in language until their attention is drawn to it. For example, instead of saying ‘partner’ or ‘spouse,’ they may use more traditional expressions like ‘husband’ and ‘wife.’ Without knowing it, the latter descriptions may offend certain groups in the office environment who are not heterosexual. When your attention is drawn, the most important thing to do is to apologize for your unconscious omission. It helps if this becomes a part of HR responsibilities. As long as the human resource department makes it a mission to model inclusive language at the workplace, you can succeed in this topical area.

Building a more inclusive work environment requires deliberate decisions and actions. The more you practice inclusivity, the higher your chances of positioning your business as a diverse environment.

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