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Posted in Business on September 15th, 2021

Making connections in the business world is an essential tool to have at the ready. It is a rare occasion when an entrepreneur can truly say that they are self-made with no assistance whatsoever. Instead, the reality is that businesses move forward by working together and forming beneficial relationships. Thankfully, this does not have to be hard work. In fact, it can be an enjoyable and almost effortless endeavor!


Finding your people, as they say, is essential. It is especially imperative to do so in the business world. At some point in your company’s trajectory, you will want to consult with others who have similar experiences to yours. Connecting with other thought leaders to create a community online is a good way to network and begin collaborations. This community will become a go-to group that you want to share content and receive feedback.

Take your new community to the next level by leveraging the multi-faceted approach of monetizing your content. You can reach the people you want to engage with and share your expertise in addition to reflecting upon theirs. Curated online communities of individuals who thoughtfully come together in one place make the time you spend online in that community enjoyable. These platforms are mobilizing efforts to reach people that you might not connect with in another capacity. They can be used for personal connections, as well.

Here is a video on networking tips.


The mentor/mentee relationship can be a wonderfully interdependent association. Sometimes, when you give your time, advice, and wisdom from personal experience, you can see situations more clearly or from a different perspective, thus affording you an after-action opportunity, if you will.

If you are in need of a mentor, search through your online community or local entities to find someone you respect. A mentor does not need to be someone in the same business vertical as you, although that can prove beneficial. Good mentorship means offering wisdom and tales of perseverance through failure. If you are at the helm of a small business, you will probably appreciate the extra guidance.

Chamber of Commerce

You probably already know about the Chamber of Commerce nearest you. If you are not familiar with this resource, conduct a quick search for one in your area. Chambers of Commerce are unique organizations that are privately run but can be publicly beneficial. They hold events and offer resources to bring together community leaders, business professionals, and thought leaders in a specific geographic location.

Joining your local Chamber of Commerce will allow you to meet new people, and discuss local laws or ordinances that may affect how you conduct business. These groups can help you create business relationships and partnerships that are mutually beneficial. If a business issue arises, often another Chamber of Commerce member may have the benefit of their experience to guide and assist you.

Connections can prove invaluable in the pursuit of business excellence. This is especially true if you work from the comfort of your own home. Seek out groups of like-minded individuals, or create a group of your own. After all, the adorable dog sitting next to you may make a wonderful companion, but probably not the best business advisor.

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