On the Clock: Dealing with Downtime Effectively

Posted in Management on October 16th, 2019

One of the great enemies of keeping productive is downtime. It has a major bearing on our ability to run a business, and we can feel like we are hemorrhaging money by the second.

But downtime isn’t just something that we need to tear our hair out over; we can use it as an opportunity to make sure that we are doing other things to keep the business ticking over. If you don’t have a plan in place, let’s provide you with some ideas in which to deal with downtime effectively.

Look at the Reasons Why There Is Downtime

It might sound like common sense, but getting to the root cause will help you to ascertain the major problems, not just relating to downtime, but to the business as well. Sometimes the problem is very straightforward and can be something technologically based. If that is the case, and you need to problem-solve efficiently, by fixing the technological issue, it can open your business wide to opportunities. If you don’t use the right cloud services, you may find that your computers go slow, which over time can gradually grind to a halt. It’s all about getting into the problem-solving mindset. This is what will help you to get back on track.

Get Organized

It sounds blatantly obvious but if you prepare for downtime, you won’t lose much in terms of productivity, which won’t impact your bottom line. Take the opportunities to craft backup plans should there be problems with the computers. Because we are so reliant on technology to do everything for us, if the systems go down, we may very well be stuck for anything to do. But, this is when we can encourage employees to go and read the rules and regulations, or keep themselves up to speed with other components of the business that aren’t reliant on electricity.

Take Productivity Away from the Computers

Because we are so reliant on technology, when the systems go down, we are certainly stuck. But this is when we can start to find other ways to push the business further forward without using tech. Granted, we need technology to keep us all functioning, but it’s at this point where you might be better off calling a meeting? Getting people in, and making sure that everybody is on the same page, and if it appeals to your leadership style, think about improving the culture of the company by collaboration and even implementing a skill swap session, where others can educate different teams on what they do. This is one of the great ways for everybody to get a perception of the bigger picture, and this means that when we start to get into this mindset we will have a better appreciation of the business as an entire entity.

The business doesn’t need to go into lockdown if there’s downtime, and employees don’t need to sit there twiddling their thumbs. It can feel like you are on the clock, but as the company begins to make the most of its downtime, there can be an extra opportunity for the business to grow.

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