The Evolution of TV Ads

Posted in Marketing on April 6th, 2022

Television advertising has long been a popular way for businesses to promote their products and services. It’s easy to see why: those adverts are generally going to be seen by a huge number of people, thereby helping to ensure that the business in question can hope for greater sales in no time. Television advertising remains huge today, and a lot of money is put into it each and every day.

Whether you are thinking of making use of TV advertising, or you are just simply curious about it, there is a lot to consider. And since the inception of the first TV ads in 1941, there have been a number of significant changes and improvements in the world of advertising on TV. Watching that evolution unfold is quite interesting, and it’s something that we might all agree can be pretty fascinating to behold.

Here you will find an intriguing infographic on just how it is that TV ads have changed in the past 80 years. Understanding this might help you if you are thinking of making use of this medium yourself, or if you are just curious, as we have said. You’ll find out who put out the first advertisement on television, what toy was the first to be advertised in this manner, and which was the first color commercial, just to name a few interesting tidbits.

As you can see, TV ads have changed considerably, and this is just one illustration of the major ways in which this is true.

Infographic by video server software

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