Extra Income Ideas for Empty Nesters

Posted in Making Money on February 1st, 2021

So all the kids have gone to college or moved out. You’re all alone in that big fat house with no one to fill it up like it used to be, and you’re wondering to yourself what you could possibly do with all that space? It’s quite simple – make some money off of it! You read that right – there are tons of people out there who would love to stay in your home while on vacation or even while passing through, and yours would most probably be perfect.

Here are some extra income ideas that could be a fun way to utilize your empty nest.

Rent It Out

It’s as simple as that. Are you dying to go on a well-deserved vacation after 20+ years of intensive parenting? Well, now is your chance! Renting out your home while on vacation is an excellent way to bring in some cash, keep your house full and ensure that everything is well cared for. Renters can make sure that thieves don’t take advantage of your empty house and keep squatters away from taking advantage and moving in for free. There are numerous ways to rent your property out – from Airbnb to VRBO. These two platforms create a stress-free way for you to find, book and manage renters. If you are unsure of which platform to use, Airbnb vs VRBO, do some research to find the one best suited for your needs. Having someone to look after your home for you while you travel the world, living your best life, and they actually pay YOU to do it? You can’t get any better than that.

Clean Out That Clutter!

The kids are out – time to get rid of decades worth of garbage! Start with one area in the house and work your way from there. From magazines, papers, old clothes, wonky furniture, old tech, and even tools from the garage and crockery that hasn’t been used in ages – sell it! You may think, at first, that people won’t want whatever you’re throwing out, but that’s just not true. The saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” isn’t a lie – there are plenty of people out there just waiting for people like you to sell their old belongings. Whether it be a young couple moving into their first home together with next to nothing or others who like to buy old furniture and refurbish it – you will most definitely have a buyer! You can either take your belongings to a pawn shop, sell everything online or have a good old yard sale – take your pick and make that money.

Think Smaller

If you’re not too keen on the idea of traveling to who knows where and would rather stay home, but the house is just too big for you now that the kids are gone, maybe consider downsizing a bit? If you’re more of a homebody, but would like something a bit cozier than where you’re currently at, finding a smaller space for you to enjoy might be the perfect solution. There are plenty of beautiful lock up and go properties out there for you to choose from! Think about it – 1 or 2 bedrooms, nice patio, a quaint little garden that’s a breeze to maintain, and all the privacy you need. Sounds like heaven, right? Selling your house for something smaller will also put a lot of extra money in your pocket. So now you have your own home that fits you just perfectly and a nice fat wallet – what could be better than that?

Whatever you choose to do with your empty nest, make sure you’re comfortable with the decision before pursuing it. And most of all – enjoy the freedom!

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