Figure out What Features You Need in Your Ideal Home

Posted in Real Estate on October 1st, 2019

You’re planning on purchasing your dream home – good for you! There aren’t many people who get to do this in their lifetime! If you’re starting the process now, then it’s a good time to figure out what features you need in it so you don’t end up being blindsided by homes that are nice but not right for you. The pointers below will help you to figure this out.

What Have You Learned from Previous/Your Current Home?

If you live somewhere now or you have in the past, what have you learned? Is there anything there that you figured out you would or wouldn’t want in a future house? You can learn a lot from the places you have lived in the past!

What Are Your Deal Breakers?

Knowing your deal breakers is a must, too. Maybe you don’t want to take a second glance at anywhere with a pond or outdoor pool, as they might be dangerous for kids. Maybe you can’t live on a noisy street. Whatever they are, make a list.

What Sort of Area Does Your Home Need to Be In?

Knowing the type of neighborhood your home needs to be in is key. Now is the best season to find your seashore home; go to A seashore home can be nice and quiet and give you all of the tranquility you could want. However, you might prefer a home in a big city where you can easily find all of the amenities you need. The sort of area you want to live in is entirely personal to you!

How Do You Live Now?

Think about how you live and use the home now. How do you cook? Do you have kids and pets? Do you play a lot of games, or watch a lot of TV? These things can indicate the things that should be emphasised in your new home.

How Do You Plan on Living in the Future?

You also want to consider how you plan on living in the future. You may not have any kids yet, but if you plan on having them then you’ll need ample room. Make sure the house can grow with you, even if that means paying for an extension, converting your loft space, or doing something else with it.

What Are the Musts and ‘Would Be Nice’s’?

Knowing what your musts are is key, so make a list. E.g:

  • Must have one upstairs and downstairs bathroom
  • Must have a garage
  • Must have three bedrooms

You should also have a good idea of the ‘would be nice’s’. This means the things you would like but aren’t necessarily essential. Maybe you could even add them yourself at some point in the future.

Hopefully, this has given you a good idea of what you’re going to want in your dream home. Making lists will help you to stay focused, and make sure you know both what you do and what you don’t want. Thanks for reading!

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