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Posted in Online Marketing on June 13th, 2018

You may be proud of your brand and what you’ve worked for. You’re happy to show the real you and to have an honest online presence. There are at times, however, when you will need to reevaluate how you are perceived on the internet. Overtime your objectives have changed and maybe you’re looking to be taken more seriously as a business owner. Below are a few helpful tips to keep your online reputation right where you want it.

Stay Active on Social Media

If a potential client sees that you haven’t posted in the last six months, they may begin to wonder if you’re even still in business. Show you online presence weekly, even daily. Make new posts, reply to comments or other related posts, and begin building relationships with those in similar industries. Use social media, not only for advertising, but to inspire and be inspired.

Reply to Reviews

It’s much easier for a new customer to overlook a bad review or two if the company has replied with a genuine apology and explanation. But replying to reviews to reviews isn’t just for putting out fires. Respond to the good ones too. State that you’re happy they’re satisfied with your service and thank them for their business. Personal replies will keep customers returning.

Don’t Be Shy

Any awards or achievements you’re company has earned need to be displayed on your website. This is one area that modesty will get you nowhere. Seeing awards will help potential customers build confidence in you before they even hire you. It might be all that stands between you and the competition.

Keep Your Content Positive, Simple, and Easy to Understand

This will keep people on your site and the longer they stay there, the better the chance is they will keep returning for your services.

Boost Your Visibility

People put their trust in Google, or at least in the results that it promotes. If you’re able to your website up to the top of their search engine results page, then they’re more likely to click it and to treat it as authoritative and legitimate. To that end, services like a B2B SEO agency can help your business gain some status in the eyes of the online user.

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