4 Simple Ideas for Beginner Investors

Posted in Investing on October 28th, 2020

Most of us like the idea of boosting our financial health and making more money. Perhaps you’ve considered the idea of investing, but haven’t made your first moves? Jumping headfirst into the world of investing isn’t the best plan. First, you’ll want to conduct extensive research, and weigh up your options.

Before you start pursuing the complicated stuff, there are many simple ways that you can invest and start earning, with little or no expertise. To get started today, consider these four options.

Certificate of Deposit

A Certificate of Deposit is a financial product provided by credit unions and banks. A CD offers a premium interest rate, and in exchange, you must agree to put a lump-sum amount of money in an account. Customers agree not to withdraw the amount for a pre-given time frame. Different financial institutions offer different rates and penalties for CD investment options. Certificates of Deposit are a low-risk investment option compared to stocks.

There’s a smaller opportunity to grow; however, you’re guaranteed a return. With a CD you’ll gain a better rate than with a money market or savings account. Withdrawing money before the time frame is up results in a penalty, (so these accounts can motivate you to save)!


Looking for an easy and straightforward investment? All you need to do is start paying into your 401(K). A 401(K) is essentially a retirement account provided by certain employers. Staff can pay into their accounts, and then their companies will match a portion of what they contribute. Your investment earnings will not be taxed until you start taking the money out. You can choose the types of investments within your 401(k) accounts. Generally, these options might include mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and target-date funds.

Robo Advisors

A Robo Advisor is a kind of virtual platform, for investments and monetary planning. These tools work by collecting all your financial info to best visualize your finances. These apps use their data to create auto investments and provide personalized advice. From a Robo Advisor, you’ll receive detailed education, security, portfolio management, and an inexpensive setup. These tools are fantastic for beginner investors because there’s no minimum amount required to get going.

P2P Lending

P2P lending, (peer-to-peer), permits individuals to provide loans for their peers. In a P2P lending system, there are no kinds of financial authorities involved. When you become a P2P lender, you can develop your portfolio, by building a collection of small loans. Peer-to-peer lenders can earn a return of around 10% when lending to small businesses or members of the public. There are several P2P lending services, such as Funding Circle and Prosper.

Hopefully, these four investment ideas will give you an excellent starting point to invest and make some money. Over time, you’ll build up your confidence to move onto more advanced investments. No matter what your financial goals are, it’s best to learn the ropes before you jump in the deep end!

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