There’s Never Been a Better Time, to Indulge Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Posted in Business on November 11th, 2021

The world is reawakening, and life is buzzing all around you, that is, if you choose to see life through the correct filter. Everywhere you look, there are signs of regeneration and rebirth in our local and domestic economies. Here in the United States, we have a whole lot to be grateful for compared to what some other nations are experiencing right now.

Suppose you’re feeling entrepreneurially minded and bolstered by the recent “great resignation” to find some more excellent balance in your life in as much as your work-life balance is concerned. In that case, you’ll be delighted to know that despite all of the nervousness and angst, you’re in one of the best places in time to do so.

We can only imagine that many of you are rolling your eyes at this point of this post, right? If that’s you, read on, get inspired.

Entrepreneurship Is on the Rise

The U.S. Census Bureau keeps a record of business applications, and for the third quarter of 2020, they showed a 77.4% increase over the second quarter of 2020.

Compare those statistics with the same time in 2019 (way pre-pandemic), and they are nearly 38% higher.

This is a marked increase in unimaginably challenging times, despite the challenge of the times. This increase has been driven by those working in the gig economy to professionals moving towards freelancing and small business owners being supported by new types of start-up financing platforms. Think peer-to-peer financing and crowdsourcing.

If you need some motivation, there it is. It turns out that millions of us have realized upon returning to work after lockdowns and layoffs that we don’t like the daily grind and that working from home and being with our families and friends is a way more worthy pursuit.

Sobering Thoughts

Now, we are all for achieving that right mix between work and life. After all, if it’s anything that we have learned this year, it’s how quickly it all can disappear. But (there always has to be one), that doesn’t mean that this new type of economy is for everyone, and you’ll need to be sure about that before making any major life-changing decisions.

With that out of the way, the vast number of emerging opportunities are far too many to mention in this post, so we think it’s a good idea for you to look locally at what’s missing in your services or retail sectors and then working back from that to identify the missing links.

Innovation arises in times like these, and if you’re that way inclined, this will be a good time for you. We love how simple innovations create opportunities.

Party planners have been offering wrist bands as virtual payment methods at festivals and marketplaces. Further down the line, companies source and place an outdoor event ATM to provide guests with “cash discounts” on purchases, earning revenue from new sources.

We hope you find something in this post that gets you thinking about our “new normal” business environment with a little more piqued interest than before. The road is long, and it’s not always easy getting there, but out of crises – opportunity is birthed, all you need to do – is find it.

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