Instincts in Business: 5 Times You Should Trust Your Gut

Posted in Business on May 6th, 2021

Business owners make tough decisions daily and sometimes on short notice. When you analyze data with your team, hear from experts, but still think there’s a better solution, go with your gut. Trusting your instincts isn’t about making hasty and rational decisions, but depending on all your senses and tuning into your full intelligence.

Your intuition can sometimes guide you to better places and land you deals that you wouldn’t have achieved if you depended on data alone. Below are times in business when you should trust your gut.

First Meetings With People

First impressions are essential; stay alert, analytical, and open about people you meet daily. However, people may present themselves differently from whom they are. Although you should be friendly and warm to people in business so that you are more approachable, observe keenly. Analyze body language and listen attentively to what they say and how they say it. If you instantly don’t like a person or feel negatively towards them, there could be something wrong, and you should trust your instincts.

Hiring Employees

The hiring process is thorough, but most of the stages involve looking through documents like cover letters and resumes. When you select a candidate, everything may look good on paper, but you may feel that something isn’t right about them. It could be an unsettling answer they gave during an interview, their tone, or just your gut telling you they are not fit for your business. Sometimes you will instantly know that a candidate is a right match. If not, consider doing follow-up interviews instead of relying on data alone and other people’s opinions.

Credit Extension

If you run a credit business, trusting your instincts is essential. Sometimes, even with proper documentation from clients, you’re never too sure about the people you’re lending credit. Lack of payments from debtors can lead to business losses or bankruptcy. Before rendering credit decisions, consult with cannabiz for proper security documentation and data analysis.

Business Expansion

When business is booming, it’s only natural that you may want to expand. However, your gut could be telling you otherwise. Business expansion to new markets requires extensive research, consultation, marketing and partnerships. To launch a successful business expansion, pay attention to all business aspects and know who you’re working with. When business aspects such as competition, partnerships, or marketing strategies don’t feel right, or you’re faced with multiple choices, trust your gut.

Considering New Clients

Clients are essential to the success of any business, especially in particular industries such as construction and manufacturing that require long-term contracts. Clients can either bring good or bad business. During meetings with potential clients, use your gut to determine the kind of vibe you’re getting from them. You may encounter problematic clients that will be difficult to work with. Also, you can meet good ones that you will want to retain for years to come.

Bottom Line

Intuition is vital in conducting business; it can yield exceptional results where there are conflicting options. Trust your gut when considering clients, hiring employees, and meeting people for the first time. When you want to reinvest your profits for business expansion, listen to your instincts to guide you through forming partnerships, competition, and navigating new markets.

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