Is Investing in the Stock Market for You?

Posted in Investing, Stock Trading on July 11th, 2018

It seems that the majority of people we know who could be described as really quite wealthy, got to that point by hitting it big in the stock market. However, the idea buying stocks can be intimidating to most, especially if it’s a concept we’re new too.

When describing the stock market, it’s been said that the best way to do it is by investing “disposable money,” which is an interesting concept in of itself. Let’s break down a few facts about the market that will help you decide if it’s the right path for you and your financial goals.

The attraction to the stock market is that you are making your money work for you. When the stocks you’ve invested in are doing well, you make A LOT of money, fast. Historically, stocks have the highest potential for growth over any other investments made. Of course that’s when stocks are working in your favor, and some of the stocks, like Tesla, that you may expect to be a good bet, are actually not always ideal according to Rob Oates of

What if there are dips in the value of a stock? It’s probable that you will be able to ride it out and that it will rise again. In fact it’s better not to sell during small dips like this because they’re expected, and you’ll only take a real loss if you decide to sell the stock for less than what you bought it for rather than wait it out and regain the value.

If you’re ready to ride the ups and downs of the stock market and you have that “disposable money” you won’t need to get at for a while, then you’re ready for the stock market. The great news is that if you stick with it, you definitely won’t have to worry about money during those retirement years. If you’re curiosity is peaked, then take the next step and find out what stock options are best for you.

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