How to Keep Your Workplace Cleaner

Posted in Business on March 6th, 2020

An unclean workplace doesn’t do any good for your company image. It could also be making you and your employees sick. Here are a few ways to keep your workplace cleaner.

Give Everything a Home

Clutter can make your workplace feel disorganised and it can be difficult to clean around, leading to build-ups of dust and dirt. Try to discourage clutter by finding storage solutions for everything. Any clutter that you don’t need can be thrown away.

Go Paperless

Paper can be a big source of clutter in many offices. Nowadays, there’s less of a need for paper than there ever was – most information can be shared digitally and even contracts can be signed electronically. Consider converting to a paperless workplace. It could eliminate piles of paper files, allowing you to more easily clean shelves and desks.

Put a Ban on Eating at Desks

Allowing employees to eat at their desk can lead to crummy keyboards and dirty desks. Put a band on eating at desks. This won’t only keep your office cleaner, but it could make your employees healthier and more productive – it discourages employees from being sat at their desk all day and stops them working through their lunch break so that they can re-energise.

Perfect Your Storage Areas

You might not run a warehouse, but managing a healthy storage space can do your firm the world of good. That might include a cupboard properly labeled with strong shelving units. You can use packaging tapes to keep essential resources safe in boxes. This can also inspire you to purchase printing supplies and other utilities in bulk to save you the wholesale cost.

Reward Tidy Employees

You can also encourage a cleaner workplace by rewarding employees that go above and beyond to keep things clean. This could include simple praise or even a bonus to the employee that keeps the tidiest desk throughout the year.

Outsource a Cleaning Company

Outsourcing a cleaning company can ensure that your workplace is kept clean regularly while also reducing the workload for your employees. There are many companies that specialise in commercial cleaning as found at sites like These could be hired on a biweekly basis, a weekly basis or even a daily basis depending on your company’s needs.

Improve Air Quality

Dust and condensation in the air will make your workplace get dirtier more quickly. Keeping your workplace ventilated could help to stop build-ups of dust, while also preventing damp and mold as a result of condensation. Some companies invest in air purifiers as listed at, which can help to keep air clean. Dehumidifiers and extractor fans can also be useful in workplaces such as factories and kitchens.

Use the Right Décor Choices

Certain décor choices may make your workplace easier to clean. This could include opting for wooden floors or shortpile carpets to make cleaning floors easier, as well as using easy-to-scrub paint on walls to allow marks to be more easily removed. Such upgrades are worth looking if you’re planning to renovate your workplace in the near future.

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