Why Life Insurance Is a Good Idea Even When You’re Young

Posted in Insurance on September 18th, 2018

If you’re like most people, when you think of life insurance you picture someone of retirement age. When you’re young and healthy, it’s hard to imagine that your family might someday benefit from the payments you’re making now. But research shows that now is the time to get life insurance even if at the moment you aren’t settled with a spouse and children.

Here’s why:

  1. It will save you money. The reason why you think you don’t need to by life insurance is the same reason for why you should. Because you’re in good health, you’re not a liability to the insurance company and the coverage will be much lower. That will even lock you in for low premiums in the near and distant future.
  2. Funerals are expensive. No one wants to think about their own funeral, but the fact is that someday someone will be responsible for the cost. The average funeral costs between $6000 and $10,000. A small life insurance plan will ease the financial burden for your friends and family.
  3. Don’t leave your family in debt. Any debt you accumulate while you’re alive whether it is student loans or your mortgage will fall entirely on your family. Will your spouse be able to make the monthly payments on their income alone? Probably not. Life insurance will leave your family less stress in the event that you pass away.
  4. You children. Whether you already have kids or are planning on it, you’re death will leave a huge financial hole in the families income. Apart from the payments mentioned above your spouse will have extra responsibilities if you have children, including saving for their education. Make sure they’re taken care of.

Now is the time to look into the life insurance that’s right for you.

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