Making Your Workday as Simple and Straightforward as Possible

Posted in Career on May 16th, 2020

Work is renowned for often being a stressful experience. There are so many different negative factors that can begin to establish themselves into your day to day work experience, that many of us simply grow used to them and accept them as part and parcel of earning a living. But this really doesn’t have to be the case!

Seeing as the majority of us work nine to five, five days a week at least, surely you should do your utmost to make sure each workday is as pleasurable as possible? If you’re going to spend most of your waking hours doing something, it shouldn’t be a chore or something that you dread! Here are just a few different things you can do to ensure that each workday is as simple and straightforward as possible!

Ensure You’re in the Right Role

So many people have negative experiences with work because they simply aren’t operating in a field that they genuinely want to be operating within. Your job should revolve around doing something that you are actually interested in or actively enjoy. Many people make the mistake of going into a role that they’re not remotely fussed about simply because it has a good salary attached. But chances are there are also well paid jobs in areas that better suit you that you could consider. So, sit back and analyse your current situation. Do you enjoy your job? Do you find it rewarding? Does it interest you? If not, consider switching career paths. It’s never too late to change. You can always head back to education (learning options are more flexible than ever and there are many funding opportunities out there), retrain, or simply go back to the bottom of the ladder in a specific field and work your way back up!

Reduce Commute Stress

The commute can be a stressful experience for all of us and studies have found that it’s actually pretty bad for our overall health and wellbeing. No matter what means of transport you opt for, there are certain negatives that can accompany it. If you drive, you may face traffic, which could make you late and leave you feeling stressed out before you even reach the workplace. Public transport can be extremely crowded and uncomfortable. So, take steps to reduce commute stress where possible. Sometimes, it’s easiest to leave your house that little bit earlier in order to miss the rush hour traffic or be on less crowded public transport.

Have Essentials at Your Desk

Different discomforts can face you during the day at work. So make sure to have essentials stocked up at your desk. It’s a good idea to dedicate one of your drawers to these things. It’s a good idea to have any medication you may need stored away – just make sure the medication expiration is within date. Pain killers, antihistamines… anything that can reduce uncomfortable experiences in work. It can also be a good idea to have some small snacks in your drawer too. Of course, they’ll have to be packaged and not require refrigeration. But cereal bars and other healthy nibbles can help to tide you through to lunch or the end of the day.

Organise Yourself

A lot of stress at work can fall down to disorganisation. Nobody enjoys rushing for deadlines, being hounded for work, or realising there’s a lot more to be done than originally anticipated. This can often be avoided by practicing good organisation when it comes to your tasks. Create some sort of scheduling system where you can take a look at all of the work being assigned to you and where you can organise what order you will need to complete everything in to hit your deadlines and avoid rushing. Simple organisation really can make all the difference. Once you’ve found a system that works for you, stick to it. Always make sure to leave some spare time in your schedule for any last minute tasks that may come in too!

Prepare Your Lunch in Advance

Sure, you can head out on your lunch break to pick something up. But generally speaking, it’s best to prepare your own lunch at home and bring it in with you. Why? Well, who wants to spend their lunch break having to walk or drive to the nearest store and wait in queues? Instead, you can maximise the amount of complete free time you have during your break by having your lunch ready and waiting. Once you’ve finished, you’ll have spare time to simply sit back and relax, reply to your texts, read a book or do whatever else you might want to do.

These steps can all be easily implemented into your day and can make all the difference! So, why not try them out?

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