The Quickest Way out of Debt

Posted in Debt on October 21st, 2018

Being a prisoner to debt is a terrible feeling. It’s so easy to fall into debt and at times even unavoidable. Unfortunately climbing back out of that hole will be much harder than it was to plummet into it. So what’s the solution? Consider these 3 tips:

Prioritize Your Card Payments

What card costs you the most in interest? Paying off this debt should be your first priority. While you will want to focus on this card, don’t forget the importance of paying the minimum payments on your other cards. This will keep you from plummeting further. After that card is paid off, apply the money you spent on that card to the next card in line and work your way down the ladder.

Create a Budget

When you create a budget, you will notice that your life will become much simpler. Look at your credit card statements. What can you cut back on? Do you like to eat out or have numerous entertainment subscriptions? Cut them out then put that money towards paying off your debt. Downsizing might also include selling items you don’t need. Then use the money you’re making from your garage sale or online sales to get yourself out of the debt pit.

Make More Money

Have you thought about ways you could increase your income? Is there a job in your field that pays more for the same amount of hours? Or, if you’re happy with your job or you’re not ready to make a career change, considering taking up a little extra work. Remember that it’s only temporary and the debt free life you’ll have in the end will be worth it.

Don’t become a slave to your debt. With time and a little extra effort you can make it back to the joys of living debt free.

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