6 Things to Know About Running a Trucking Company

Posted in Business on December 9th, 2020

When you decide to be a part of the trucking world, you are up against a range of challenges that differ from other businesses. Not every business needs to invest in huge rigs and not every business out there will need to invest in safety as much as your trucking business does.

Running a trucking company isn’t always going to be easy and there are some issues that are more complex than others when it comes to being on the road for longer distances. You’ll have to learn about fleet GPS management, how to monitor truck tires before they run into problems, how to maintain the vehicles and how to look after the staff operating them, too. The good news is that there is a lot that you can research about being the head of a trucking company and with it, you can ensure that your business is as successful as you’d like it to be. So, let’s take a look at five things that you should know when running a trucking company.

  1. You’ve got to buy the best trucks that you can afford. You have no trucking company without a good, solid fleet of trucks to run. So, you need to look at your trucking budget and figure out where you can get the best trucks for it. You need to have reliable trucks, otherwise your transportation is going to go downhill very quickly. It’s always better to buy new trucks if you can get them over used ones. Yes, used trucks are cheaper, but if there are defects you will spend more money fixing them than is necessary.
  2. Location matters for your trucking office. You have to have a functional central base, and the location of this base does matter. People should be able to meet you in person when you are trying to gain clients and your trucking office is not a local store but a professional space for your drivers to base themselves and for clients to visit. You need somewhere with plenty of space to part the big rigs, and you need to have extra space for client and employee parking, too. Highways should be accessible, and you need to have your location near to a huge warehouse – after all, how are those pallets going to be stored?
  3. Hire the best people you can find. When you are advertising for your business, advertise for experienced professionals and make sure that you have the best truckers around coming to work for you. They should be registered and able to represent your business and for that, you need to have those who have a strong work ethic.
  4. The best truck dispatchers matter. Organised individuals working in the back office are a must for a trucking business. They’re the ones that keep everything spinning. They communicate with drivers and they ensure that you are running smoothly.
  5. Networking with freight brokers will help you to build a strong business. Your trucking business is going to benefit if you have excellent relationships with freight brokers.
  6. Storing your fleet is a challenge that needs to be considered carefully. Not only do you need to make sure that your fleet storage is secure, but you also need to be careful to ensure that your trucks are protected from the elements. Building canopies and using options like porous pavement services can enable you to create a space that will keep your trucks in good shape. You can use modern security tools like CCTV to watch over your trucks and keep them secure.

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