How Can You Save Time Running a Small Business?

Posted in Management, Small Business on November 4th, 2019

If anyone has a lot on their plate, it’s an entrepreneur. Getting a business off the ground requires a huge amount of sheer hard work and almost constant gear shifting – from pulling together that all-important pitch for new funding to chasing up late invoices, trying to hire an intern to authoring that new marketing strategy – it mostly falls to one person: you.

It’s little wonder then, that 24 hours in a day doesn’t seem quite enough, and that most small business owners state they worry about having enough time for everything. And although the technology to clone yourself is as yet commercially unavailable, there are still things you can do to save time in some areas so that you can apply it to others.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Of course technology is a fundamental part of developing your business, but many entrepreneurs still don’t use it to its full advantage. So take the time to investigate how you can leverage the power of software applications to cut down on your daily work flow. Start by automating your most repetitive tasks. Use an application like Quickbooks for generating invoices and chasing up payments, and use tools like Hootsuite to batch schedule social media marketing posts and keep them flowing. Using a cloud based server can help to keep all your documents and customer data secure and accessible from anywhere you may be, while a good CRM system can keep you on track with customer updates and content marketing. Similarly, applications like eSudo Technology Solutions, Inc can help you to manage your IT provision and updates. The technology out there is wonderful, and if you go looking for it there’s a solution for almost anything.

Learn the Power of No

When you’re used to doing everything yourself, and you’re solely responsible for generating income it can be understandably hard to say no to things. But being selective with that you accept is no bad thing – it can help you to build a positive reputation and also stop you from burning out. Outsourcing certain tasks is a great idea to ensure you can keep your focus on driving the business forward while the routine tasks get smoothly processed. You should also get stricter about enforcing some boundaries – say no to that pointless meeting and prioritise your time for the most important tasks – which are the ones which contribute to moving your business toward its goals.

Make Your Smartphone a Powerhouse

We carry around the most powerful computers in our pockets, so it only makes sense to use them to your maximum advantage as a busy entrepreneur. There are a world of smartphone apps which can transform your working life. Using things like OneNote to organise your to-do list and capture your thoughts and vision and share it across platforms is a great first step, while DocuSign can help you create and sign contacts on the go. Basecamp can help you to manage teams and projects from your pocket, while your email and calendars will already be synced. With an office suite in your pocket, every time you’re stuck in a queue or on a train you can make that time productive.

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