4 Secrets to Hosting a Successful Outdoor Business Event

Posted in Business on June 19th, 2020

With the turn into summer, the opportunity for networking and business events transforms into something much more than the chance to meet and greet icons of your industry. As the weather is (usually) picture-perfect, no one wants to be herded into a stuffy conference hall, so why not consider hosting your next event in the great outdoors?

The fresh air and summer vibes loosen everyone up, putting everyone at ease, which is usually the best way to do business. Before sending out invites, though, here are four secrets to ensure your outdoor business event is successful.

Find the Perfect Venue

The venue is one of the many things that can make or break your event. The space must be large enough to accommodate everyone, and there should be suitable areas for parking and bathroom breaks. If you’re hosting a sit-down meal, the tables should be separate from the socializing area, and if you have a stage, this should be easily viewable from any angle. You can also benefit from picking a venue close to your office, as this will help associate the success with your company.

Have a Backup Plan

No matter how much you plan and prepare, there is likely something that will go wrong. From power outages to rain, you should have a backup plan to ensure that things keep rolling along without anyone knowing the disaster behind the scenes. You can rent a Diesel Generator to keep the music blasting, and canopies will give people the respite they need should the heavens open. It won’t be ideal, but it’s much better than silence and everyone getting wet!

Keep Guests Entertained

Even business professionals can get restless and bored, so you must include some ways to entertain them during your event. You can include keynote speakers, but you also want them to have fun. Find a catering company to provide food to keep everyone energized, and don’t be afraid to let the drinks flow. In the evening, a live music act or DJ will also go down a treat, and it can help people unwind and get to know each other outside of the stuffy confines of business-mode.

Follow the Rules

While you want everybody to have fun and host a productive event, you should also make sure you are not breaking any zoning or city laws. When planning your event, get permission from the city or council and make sure that anything you do, such as providing food and drink or playing music, will not infringe on others. This is especially important when hosting an event in a popular park, as you don’t want to irritate everyone who is there for a fun day out.

A Successful Event

Hosting a successful event will take a lot of care and attention to detail, and you often cannot predict what might happen on the day. This is usually out of your control, though; by keeping these four secrets in mind, you can feel confident that you have done all you can to make it a success. With that in mind, same time next year, yes?

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