Five Side Hustles to Make Extra Money Online in 2024

Posted in Making Money on April 30th, 2024

Side hustles are a great way of making some extra money if you’re short of it currently. With the cost of living crisis affecting many households across the globe, finding a few side hustles so that you’re a little more flushed for cash, is a good use of your time.

With that being said, here are five side hustles to make extra money online in 2024 and to help bring in that dosh!

Start blogging

If you enjoy writing, then one of the great side hustles to take advantage of when it comes to the online world is blogging. Blogging has been kicking around for over a couple of decades now and was the OG in communicating news and information across the internet back in the day.

While it has become somewhat saturated over the years online, there’s still little space for everyone to have their own slice of the web for themselves. For some, it can even be a moneymaker if you’re looking to make some cash.

For example, brands like to work with bloggers who have a certain level of traffic that would be good for promoting their products or services.

Trying being an influencer or content creator

Talking of promotion, becoming an influencer or content creator is another way that you could generate income. However, this type of side hustle takes a little while to make popular. If you’ve got a passion for content creation already, then this might be something you naturally generate more interest in as you grow your platforms.

Some influencers make tens of thousands on single posts via social media. Therefore, it’s definitely something to look at if you want to make money online.

Invest your savings

Another great way to make extra money online in 2024, is by investing some of it. With interest rates high right now, you might be able to get some great deals online with popular banks. There are also various investment incentives online that you could take advantage of and invest some savings in if you feel it could make a sizeable return.

It’s always good to be wary of investments though and to only risk the money you can afford to lose as there’s no guarantee it will come back to you.

Test websites

Testing websites is a niche side hustle but one that can be very financially beneficial. There are numerous sites that you can sign up to which will prompt you to try websites out for new businesses and those who might be looking to update their existing site. This might be down to a lack of traffic for example.

Sell digital products

Finally, the internet is full of opportunities and one of those is digital products. Consider selling an online course if you have skills or knowledge that’s valuable to others. These digital products could make you a fortune if they’re popular.

Side hustles are great for making money, so be inspired by these and get started on making some extra income this year.

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