7 Signs Your Business Has Outgrown Its Space: When It’s Time to Move On Up

Posted in Business on July 11th, 2023

Have you been feeling a little cramped at work lately? Do you find yourself playing musical chairs in the break room or navigating a maze of desks just to get to the printer? If this sounds familiar, your business might have outgrown its space. But don’t worry! We’re here to help you recognize the signs and guide you on the path to a more spacious future.

  1. The disappearing desk space

Remember the good old days when everyone had a decent-sized desk and personal space wasn’t just a fond memory? You may have outgrown your existing area if your office is beginning to resemble a can of sardines. 

  1. The meeting room is manic

Does booking a meeting room feel like competing in the Hunger Games? If you’re continually rescheduling meetings or resorting to hallway huddles because there’s no available space, it’s time to consider speaking to your commercial construction contractors about an upgrade. You don’t want fights starting out over the last chair, after all!

  1. Storage woes

If finding an essential document feels like playing a game of Tetris, it’s not just frustrating, it’s a sign your business has outgrown its storage capabilities. Efficiency and productivity can take a hit when your team spends more time hunting for files than actually working on them.

  1. Recruiting roadblocks

Expanding your team is exciting. But, if the lack of physical space is causing you to rethink hiring that superstar candidate, you’re inhibiting your business’s growth. A cramped workspace is not only a hindrance to your current team but a potential turn-off for future recruits.

  1. Poor first impressions

Your office space says a lot about your business. If customers and clients are ducking to avoid the low-hanging pot plant or tripping over boxes in the hallway, then it is not the best look for your business. Your workspace should reflect your professionalism and commitment to quality. 

  1. Employee morale is falling fast

An overcrowded workspace can lead to a drop in employee morale. Lack of privacy, increased noise levels, and general discomfort can impact your team’s happiness and productivity, and as you will probably know, when your employees are less than happy, it is always a much more difficult place to work in. 

  1. Productivity is plummeting

If you’ve noticed that productivity isn’t what it used to be, it could be a space issue. Studies show that an overcrowded office can cause stress, decrease focus, and lead to burnout. If your team’s output has hit a plateau, or worse, started to decline, despite no apparent changes in workload or strategy, it might be time to consider whether your current office is meeting your business needs. 

So there you have it, seven tell-tale signs your business might be ready for a change of scenery. It can be a daunting decision, but remember, moving to a larger space is a positive sign of growth and success. It’s an opportunity to enhance your work environment, boost your team’s morale, and make a great impression on clients. So, what are you waiting for?

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