5 Steps to Succeeding In Your Career

Posted in Career on July 16th, 2021

Regardless of what your career ambitions are, to achieve career success, you’ll need to meet some criteria. If you’d like to know how to succeed in your chosen career, follow these five simple steps.

Be Selective When Choosing a Job

Your choice of occupation is critical if you want to be successful. Note that this boils down to how you define success. For example, having a job that allows you to work from home may mean success to you while a job that is high paying may mean success to someone else.

Ask yourself what you want out of your career. Do you want to travel? Do you want a large salary? Set your priorities straight and then find a career that meets them.

Above all else, opt for a career that makes you feel happy – feeling fulfilled is more important than having extra money.

Take Responsibility

This goes for both achievements and failures.

A person who won’t accept their mistakes is not going to advance further in their career but a person who takes full responsibility for what they did wrong will improve and therefore expand their career. Everyone makes mistakes, we’re human so there’s nothing to be ashamed of – mistakes are learning opportunities, and the more you learn the closer you get to success!

When you accomplish something, take pride in that but don’t stop there as there is always room for improvement.

Remain Positive

A positive attitude equals positive results (aka success). If you react negatively to challenges you face you’re not likely to effectively resolve them. Read tips on how to develop a more positive way of thinking.

Get Experience

This doesn’t always mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on a college degree. Truth be known, most companies value work experience over academia. Extensive experience is a stepping stone to career success. You don’t even need a ‘real’ job to get experience either. You can apply for internships and volunteer programmes, or sign up for courses relevant to your field (see PhlebotomyU as an example).

Know the Importance of Feedback

If you don’t have thick skin, constructive criticism can be hard to deal with. You may feel embarrassed and less confident but try not to be! You should not only listen to feedback but ask for it too. Feedback is the most effective way to improve your skills and knowledge.


It takes time, hard work, and determination to build (and sustain) a successful career. Providing you’re up to receiving feedback, getting experience, staying positive, taking responsibility, and being selective in your career choice – you are guaranteed to be on the road to success.

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