Tips for Your First Convention

Posted in Business on October 6th, 2019

If you have finally made the decision to bring your good to the public in person, rather than just online, or perhaps attend a trader only show, then you are probably in the middle of wondering how to make it a success. The biggest and best booths tend to have the upper hand. As do those who booked early enough to have one of the coveted significant footfall areas (think entrance and exit, and the main path).

But what makes a trade stand successful? Well, here are some tips about how to make your first convention or trade show a smash hit.

First Impression

The first impression of someone or something is formed in less than a second. So your trade show has a lot of work to do in those first moments. Creative trade show booths are the ones that will draw the most attention, and people will want to check them out. So you ideally want to have Infinity Exhibits standard to work with.

No all companies have a huge budget, but you should try and push yours as much as you can to get your trade stand a talking point for all the right reasons.

Social Proof

Have your stand kitted out with things people can do. Passerbys are going to see the activity and will want to join in. Consider this. When you are traveling, and you want by two stalls that sell the same thing, but one has a queue, and people are talking about how good it is. The other has no one. Logic tells you that the one with the line is the place to be. Use the same social proof technique for your stand.

While you are at it, give something away that can be shared on social media. Encourage people to share, and maybe even have a prize to give away at random. Make sure all of your promo materials are slick looking and have your logo on them too.


Give people the opportunity to book a session with you ahead of the show. Use the list of attendees to reach out to people and give an invitation to schedule a time slot to talk about what you are selling, new products, and other cool stuff. You will find that bloggers and press are likely to take up these slots, too – perfect for extending your reach.


As mentioned above, giving people something to do will encourage other people to join in. But having a few things will amp this up a bit. If you are low on space, or your products don’t give you room to play with this point, then you can use touch screens and smart games to help you.


You are going to have to be in top form during the whole show, but it is a good idea to call in help too. If you have friends and family willing to help you, then ask them. Train them up on the information that they should convey to stand visitors and make it easy for them by providing leaflets and quick grab promotional materials.

One of the key points is, at every opportunity, collect as many contact details as you can – and always follow up.

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