Top Tips to Improve Productivity in the Construction Industry

Posted in Business on June 13th, 2020

All construction businesses, whether a start-up or an established company, want to deliver projects faster without compromising on quality. Construction is an industry where accuracy is incredibly important, but clients still want their projects completed as quickly as possible. This is why getting productivity right on-site is very important.

Use the Right Tools

In order to deliver quality work on time, construction workers need quality tools. Make sure they always have the right tool for the job and one that is reliable and good quality. Options like compressed air tools from can really boost productivity, allowing your team to work faster and better.

Communicate Clearly

Communication is the most important way to boost productivity on the work site. Nobody can go their job well if they don’t know what’s going on. Clearly communicate with your crew before a new project starts and keep them updated throughout the job. You can do this through regular memos or emails if there are any changes that might impact your workers. Make sure you never leave your team in the dark about what is going on.

Set Realistic Goals

Construction takes time, so you need to set goals that are realistic. Make sure these goals are communicated clearly to your crew, so they know what the goals are for each day, week, and month on the project. It’s important for people to have goals to aim for each day. Splitting things up into small goals makes the larger goals on a job seem much easier to achieve.

Reward Regularly

Construction is hard work that is often hot and tiring. Your workers are putting in long hours of manual labour. To increase productivity, you can offer rewards as an incentive and recognition of this hard work. If the crew meets a goal, you could order pizzas, or take everyone for a beer after work. Showing them that are appreciated can help to make people feel more eager to work hard.

Train Your Team

The fastest way to damage productivity is by providing inadequate training. If you want to have a work site that runs as efficiently as possible, then you have to properly train your workers. Make sure everyone is trained before you start work on a project. This will cost extra money but is well worth it. Proper training reduces the number of injuries on a job, which in turn, increases productivity.

Listen Well

If you’re going to be a leader, then you have to learn to listen well to the people that you employ. It’s not enough to communicate with people if you’re not also open to hearing what they have to say.

Your workers are the ones on-site, so they have the best idea of what is working and what isn’t. They may sometimes come to you and tell you a goal isn’t realistic or that they need new tools, or more workers. Listen to them, and don’t brush them off. Take into consideration what they say and try to find a solution.

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