6 Ways to Turn Your Home Green

Posted in Lifestyle on July 25th, 2022

Yes, let’s discuss. The world is experiencing its hottest year ever. We’ve being having the hottest weather on record this year,  if that’s not a call to live more sustainably, I don’t know what is. Changing your life starts at home. Here are some.

Keep the Heat in When You Can

We’ve been discussing winter coziness for a while. Changing the home helps. Your energy bill needn’t be crazy. Instead, focus on your home’s climate control. Insulate well. No roof insulation. Caulk and draft-proof your windows. Insulate your pipes to make your water heater more efficient.

Tech Care

Electronics can cut your energy bill and carbon footprint. There are a few strategies to make sure they’re better at their work. Clean and maintain them. Dusty ACs are less efficient. Better condition means greater work with less energy. Eventually, a replacement is more energy-efficient. This is true for refrigerators and HVAC. If yours is old, find heaters here and elsewhere. You may make a more responsible choice with energy ratings.


Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about energy. Sustainable living includes managing your water. Water shortages are emerging. As time passes, it may become one of our greatest crises as a species. Let’s use less. For instance, you start fitting water-smart heads onto your shower as well as your faucets. It uses less water per second. Gardeners should recycle bath and dishwater. You can also install water tanks to save on water waste.

Planting Trees

Why not use the space you have? First, trees are beautiful and should be in your garden. They provide summer shade. This simplifies indoor climate control. Trees provide habitat. Building dwellings and towns reduce nature’s habitats. Planting a tree in your garden gives nature a home. If we don’t give nature a home and keep destroying it, it will die.

Use the 4 R’s

Lessons to live by: reduce, reuse, recycle. Equally important is replacing. Reduce your home’s materials use. First, consider paper. Many of us still print paper for home business and bookkeeping. The paperless organisation saves time and money. Reusable cloth wipes in the kitchen reduce waste. You can make other tech-related modifications at home. LED lights are one example.

Clean Carefully

This is for eco-conscious and health-conscious people. Household cleansers pollute the air and water. They’re bad for humans, too. We’re also unhealthy. They cause asthma and worsen breathing problems. Some cleaners have been linked to CNS injury. Start using green cleaning products instead. You’ll be healthier. You’ll also protect water and plant life. Stop the daily damaging consequences we don’t realise.

Meatless Monday

I’m not telling you to go all vegan on us. Meat is popular. It’s also healthful and a simple way to eat well. Meat production contributes greatly to our carbon impact. Sustainability requires reduced use. Unless it comes from responsible producers like Superior Farms. Meat is an inefficient way to eat. Simple. Mondays are meatless. Vegetarian food tastes fantastic. Go meatless for a day. It’s like going a day without driving.

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