5 Alternatives to Investing in Property

Posted in Investing, Real Estate on November 24th, 2022

Property is a popular investment for many people, so popular that many people think of property as the only viable long-term investment option. That is not the case. In fact, there are many excellent alternatives to investing in property that can improve your balance sheet and provide retirement funds when you need them. Find out more about your investment options.  

Whiskey Casks

If you’re looking for a slightly leftfield investment, consider investing in whisky casks. Whisky casks are a popular investment because they offer excellent returns over the long term – whisky becomes more valuable with every passing year – and they don’t require any contributions. 

A young whisky cask can be bought relatively cheaply and sold ten years later for a significant profit; after around ten years, most of the whisky casks are empty and need to be replaced. However, the longer you hold your cask, the more it will sell, making it useful for retirement. 


Commodities include things like fossil fuels, gold, crops, and livestock. The commodities market is very volatile because it can be disrupted by natural disasters and economic shocks; still, commodities make excellent long-term investments because of the unpredictable price volatility.

If you invest in commodities and the world changes due to a geo-political event like a war or a natural disaster, the commodities price can shoot up suddenly; in the case of gas, oil, coal, and precious metals, these higher prices can be sticky; proceed to website commodity information. 

Private Equity

Private equity makes an excellent investment if you have some information about a company or you believe in the business model. A company accepting private equity investments does not issue public stock; investors receive a private return from the company when it reaches a stage. 

Private equity investments are a popular way to fund startup companies and small tech companies, but since they don’t issue public stock, the risks are a little higher for investors. Still, if you have some inside knowledge or you believe in a product or industry, it can be risk-free. 

Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds are a popular type of long-term investment and a suitable alternative to property. A Hedge Fund collects money from several investors and invests the money in a range of places to increase the chances of strong monetary returns. They can be short or long-term. 

A Hedge Fund manager will invest the money in stocks, commodities, futures, and more to ensure that investors get the best returns. It’s important to have confidence in the Hedge Fund and the Hedge Fund manager, so make sure you carry out proper research before investing.  

Venture Capital 

If you enjoy the thrill of starting new businesses and earning a return when they succeed, you might prefer a Venture Capital investment. Use your money to fund businesses you believe in and get some equity in the business in return. As the business grows and develops, your money also grows to make it an exciting and reliable alternative to investing in the property market.  

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