Different Types of Exercise and What They Do for Your Body

Posted in Lifestyle on June 15th, 2022

When it comes to being healthy, there are four different types of exercises that we should all be doing. Each one works on a separate part of the body, and as a whole, when done regularly and with the right mindset, these exercises come together to create an all-over healthier and happier body. What are the four exercise types, and how do they help? 


Aerobic exercises are those that make your cardiovascular system work and get your heart rate up. They are the ones that make you breathe harder and really feel as though you’re working out. Aerobic exercises include running, swimming, dancing, boxing, and many more. This is a great type of exercise to engage in as if you do it regularly, it decreases the chances of developing cardiovascular disease, lowers blood pressure, and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. It could even lower the chances of getting cancer, although studies are still ongoing.  


Resistance exercises – also known as strength exercises – include push-ups, crunches, and weight lifting. They use resistance to increase lean muscle mass. That resistance can come from your own body or weights on a dumbbell, for example. This type of exercise is hugely important for good weight loss, as it burns more calories than any other type. It can be difficult to get started with resistance exercises as it is a hard thing to do, but once good results are seen, it can be a real motivator to continue. 


Balance exercises are really useful for older people, but everyone can benefit from them. They improve your control over your body’s position, giving you more ability to balance properly. Your balance can change over time; as you get older, if you lose (or gain) weight, and if you are pregnant, it is particularly likely to happen. Taking part in balance exercises can help you to find your new center of gravity and keep stable. 


Any kind of exercise that stretches your muscles and ideally improves your range of motion at the joints is known as a flexibility exercise. Doing these exercises not only improves your flexibility and makes moving around in general a lot easier, but they also reduce the risk of your becoming injured when you take part in sporting activities, or any other type of exercise. Flexibility exercises are simple to do and could be included as part of a warm-up and wind-down routine before and after other strenuous activities. Or you might take things further and take up yoga or learn how to be a yoga instructor with a 200 hour yoga teacher certification because yoga is the ultimate in stretching exercises. 

A Full Routine

The best way to stay fit, lose weight, and generally be healthier is to have an exercise routine that includes all four different types of exercise. That doesn’t mean that you have to split your workouts into four different sections and work on each exercise group individually – they can quite easily be incorporated into one routine that works each part of the body. Resistance and balance training go together really well, for example – why not try a bicep curl while standing on one leg?

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