How to Ensure You Look the Part and Give Yourself the Advantage Over Competitors

Posted in Management on September 30th, 2020

When it comes to making money and building relationships with customers/clients, you need to impress those around you. Doing the jobs and working hard obviously matter, but you need to win over onlookers. We’re a judgemental species, and we make decisions based on what we see and instinctively feel.

Because of this judgemental attitude, business owners and entrepreneurs need to make sure they’re attractive enough.

How can they do this, though? How can they make people gravitate towards them? Well, they need to look the part entirely. Similarly to how we want to impress our love interest, we need to have every facet of our business looking on point so that they’re convinced we can satisfy them. There are a few targets to hit, but, on the whole, it’s not too difficult to accomplish. Here are a few examples of what needs to be done.

Dress to Impress

While your outfit won’t be the absolute be-all and end-all with regard to the success of your business, it will absolutely help to bring people onto your side when you interact with them. If you’re dressed scruffy and look as though you’re just trying to use them for your own gain, then they’ll sense that immediately. People can be influenced, but they’re not complete morons! If you put effort into yourself, then that’s going to have an immediate effect, and you’ll look a lot more convincing.

Be the Brand

As well as dressing appropriately for business meetings, if you run your own business, it’s all about being the brand. Your brand’s values, mission and marketing strategy are the lifeblood of its success, especially in the first few years of its existence. For that reason, it is important to visually represent your brand as much as you possibly can.

For example, if your company produces or sells wearable items, ensure that you wear and use your own products regularly – both for social media posts and for meetings with potential clients. Additionally, you could have team t-shirts made from a tshirt printing company that have your brand name and slogan on them. This is a great way to both encourage team spirit and to be the brand you are trying to grow, wherever you go!

Possess a Fabulous Workspace

You could, of course, work from home. Working from a small apartment probably wouldn’t cut it, though. Getting some echuca builders or contractors from wherever you’re situated could help as they could build you a lovely, professional home – or they could add an office to your home – but you should probably find a suitable office space. Possessing the correct work environment can go a long way in terms of impressing onlookers. If you’re really struggling for this kind of thing, then you could choose a virtual office address – that would be a good start.

Hire the Correct People

You need to make sure you have the right people on board. Sometimes, you can get away with bringing in staff members that just do the job required of them. That won’t cut it all of the time, however. If you want to impress people, then you’re going to need knowledgeable and friendly employees that will be able to help with anything. You’re only as good as those working alongside and under you, so choose wisely.

Be Charismatic and Articulate

When trying to get people to fall in love with you and your work, you need to be productive with your words. Charismatic people are able to get the attention of pretty much everyone and keep hold of it. Using positive and attractive language while gesticulating will guarantee attention. It’s not just your voice, though – writing properly also helps out a lot, and acts as a platform for the real face-to-face dialogue. Just look at the likes of Steve Jobs and Tony Robbins – they talk, and others listen.

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