What Should Go Into a Trade Show Grab Bag?

Posted in Business on May 26th, 2024

What business doesn’t love being at a trade show? Trade shows are like bustling parties where connections are made and memories are formed; seriously, what’s not to love? And what’s a party without a little gift to remember it by? That’s where your grab bag comes in! So, if you’re wondering what you need for your first tradeshow (specifically if you have a booth), you’re going to need some grab bags. 

While it’s not ideal, most people aren’t going to pay attention to your booth unless you have something to offer, such as entertainment, something interactive, and, yes, grab bags, too! Basically, giving out freebies is a foolproof way to get attention and start conversations. But what should go into this grab bag, though?

A Mix of Useful Swag and Heartfelt Goodies

So, just go ahead and picture this for a moment: attendees gleefully rummaging through their grab bags, discovering treasures that they’ll cherish long after the event. Chances are super high that you’ve been in this exact same position, too, right? Usually, when someone gets something for free, they immediately want to take a look at it right then and there!

Usually, you’ll find pens and keychains in these grab bags, as these are classics. Sure, they’re nice, but why not sprinkle in some extra delight? For example, you might want to think reusable water bottles to keep them hydrated on their adventures or portable phone chargers to rescue them from dreaded battery woes. And don’t forget the branded notebooks—perfect for jotting down those lightbulb moments! 

These are all freebies, and yes, they’re usually branded, but the thing is, people love these. People love keeping these, they use them, it’s fairly rare that these don’t get used. Basically, the possibilities are endless! So go ahead and let your creativity shine through and give attendees a taste of what makes your brand special.

Your Business Cards

Now, for the most part, businesses think that this isn’t needed because their logo is all over the bag, the pens, and the other freebies. But you still need to have a business card in the grab bag! These little gems are your ticket to forging connections and building relationships long after the trade show buzz has faded. 

Plus, there’s something undeniably charming about exchanging physical cards in our digital age. Besides, if you print business cards, they’re not going to be all that expensive either, and while this might not seem like much, you never truly know how big of an impact that little business card can actually make (especially if it looks creative rather than the standard boring white design). 

Informational Mateiral

You’re not just at the trade show to give out free stuff (which still costs you money); you’re there to get your name out there, you’re there to get recognized, and you’re there to make an impact! People need to know what your business is all about, and freebies like water bottles and stationery aren’t going to let them know what you do! So you need to add a pamphlet or some type of information so people know what your business is all about.

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