The Dream of Country Living Versus the Reality: Is This Investment for You?

Posted in Lifestyle on March 17th, 2021

Some people have big ambitions for their lives, and a lot of people want to have a place where they live that has land and potentially have animals, livestock and grow vegetables at home. It can be the idyllic setting like something out of “Little house on the prairie” but is often the reality is a little different to that.

Here are some of the dreams versus the reality. It may not hinder your dreams to do it one day, but you may at least be a little more informed.

The Dream – Driving Around on a Tractor All Day

For many people, when you think about living on a farm you may imagine yourself in a huge tractor, driving around your land. Working the land or ensuring that the animals are all where they should be. The ideal picture.

The Reality – the Costs Involved

The reality can be somewhat different, especially when you realise exactly how much a tractor will cost you. The cost of the machine itself may send you over the edge, but you also need to think about things such as different insurances, as well as the other running costs involved. It may be an essential part of the dream, but it is something that you will need to budget for.

The Dream – Having Amazing Livestock

When you picture your farm set up, you may have a particular direction you want to take. You may imagine that you have your farmhouse, and then alongside it outbuildings that are filled with animals. This might be horses, it might be cows, it may involve pigs or goats or even hens so that you have a constant stream of eggs. The farm setting for you may be the whole point of just having animals or being able to live off the land. The reality might be a little harder.

The Reality – Having to Take Care of Them

Like all animals that you commit to, they do need some serious taking care of. The outbuildings will need regular cleaning, they need feeding, they need water. To top it all off, this needs to be done daily. No matter what the weather is like outside. Also working farms may mean that at some stage those animals are no longer there, and the emotional could be too much.

The Dream – an Idyllic Setting

Of course, the big dream might be the idyllic setting. Beautiful blue skies and sun, gorgeous green pastures. Animals walking around, beautiful buildings and barns built by things such as pole barn contractors and beautiful vegetables growing in your garden. Hens sprouting eggs and people working with smiley faces.

The Reality – a Lot of Maintenance

However, the reality could be somewhat different. A farm can mean constant maintenance. Not just for the animals but also in terms of the land. The buildings may need repairs, the fences might need fixing, and to top it all off this needs to be done in all weathers.

So there you have it, this may not have tarnished your dream of one day having a farm or a house with land, but it will certainly make you more aware of the realistic side of things.

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