How to Help Your Instagram Grow

Posted in Online Marketing on August 14th, 2021

Social media can be a bit of a minefield with the ever-changing algorithm, constant need for attention to increase engagement and following it can be really hard to grow and account. There are different things you can implement to help an account grow and even end up earning an income from it.

Most people spend time on social media every single day and the younger generation spend a lot more of their time on it. A lot of people will research businesses on social media and see what their accounts and presence is like before shopping with them.

Social media has drastically grown and so many different people have learnt to make a living off it, giving them freedom and flexibility in their life. People like Mrs Hinch, Hope Beel and so many more. It gives people a chance to share their life, tips and advice. The best way to make sure you have an interactive and engaging audience is by making sure you are either entertaining them, inspiring them or educating them. This way you are adding value to their life from your account. So if you are a mum you could share parenting tips and if you are a fashionista you could share how to wear certain items of clothing.

A good way to boost your engagement and how people see your account is by making sure you are engaging with them. If people comment on your pictures then be sure to reply. Find other accounts and people of interest in your niche and comment on their images, shout them out to your audience as other people to follow. You can even team up with them and take advantage of the reels and video features to share exciting videos with both of your audiences in a cross-promotion.

If you know you have potential and are at a good starting point but are struggling to continue you can look to have a talent manager or agency. They will help you and your account grow and get noticed by others as well as helping you get paid work. Normally they just take a commission of this.

Hashtags are another one to master. You want a good mix of low, medium and high hashtag competition. So low competition hashtags have around 0-10,000 posts currently which means you are more likely to be seen in this hashtag. It is important to have a good mix and you are allowed up to 30 hashtags on an Instagram post so go for it! If you don’t want them clogging up your caption you can just add them on as a comment after you have posted. This will help you reach new people who have an interest in what you are posting, they will then discover your account and hopefully become a new followers.

All these different things will help you grow your social media account on Instagram, become known as an expert in your niche and be able to start earning income from your account so you can turn it into a job if that’s your goal.

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