How to Manage Your Bank Account (Without Being Overloaded)

Posted in Personal Finance on October 29th, 2021

The bank account that we use is responsible for a lot of stuff in our lives. Without it, we would not be able to pay our bills or receive our wages. However, many people do not know the basics of using a bank account so today we are going to have a look at how they make our lives easier.

Automatic Payments

It wasn’t too long ago that it was necessary to go to the bank and pay money in by hand in order to get a bill paid. You would need to take the bill down with a payment slip so that the company in question could get their money off you. This was a time-consuming process and many companies had to wait to get paid. Now, we have automatic payments that allow us to forget that half of our bills even exist. All we need to do is ensure that our bank accounts have money in them and the bank will take care of the rest. If you have any bills, always check to see if they can be paid automatically through your account.

Trading and Stocks

This is one thing that people don’t understand because it is pretty complicated. But the stock market can massively affect your life. If you learn to trade stocks you can make more informed financial decisions and could make yourself a large amount of money. However, having this understanding of the stock market can help you make many different decisions. Things such as when to top up your oil tank for your heating system is one example of how to work it in your favour. The stock market can also affect the rate of interest that you receive on your balance and on the interest of your overdraft facility too.


Depending on the type of bank account that you have, you might have some benefits that you didn’t know existed. There are bank accounts that offer a range of services as part of their package. Some have mobile phone insurance, some have fancy debit cards. Whatever the benefit is, there is a good chance that you are not taking advantage of it. Read up about the type of account that you have and see if there are any benefits that will work for you. If you are paying a monthly fee for your account, there is a good chance that there are benefits that have been added on. If you pay a monthly fee and don’t have any benefits, it might be time to switch your account to somewhere better.


Over the last few years, the ability to use contactless payments has changed how we bank and shop. There are not many places that don’t do contactless now. If your bank account doesn’t have a contactless feature, you had better ask why as they are standard on most accounts. This has become more common during the pandemic as the world attempted to stop handling cash and keep germ spreading to a minimum.

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