Protecting Yourself at Work

Posted in Career on June 9th, 2020

We spend a whole lot of our life at work. In fact, most of us will spend around eight hours a day, five days a week in the workplace. So, it’s important that you are able to protect yourself and ensure that you’re being treated in the way that you should be treated while you’re there. This should be a safe space where you can complete your work in comfort and peace.

Unfortunately, not all employers will automatically take this into their own hands. So, it’s important that you’re aware of your rights. Here are just a few different areas you need to focus on to ensure that you’re being treated properly!

Protecting Yourself From Illness or Injury

When you’re employed, it becomes your employer’s responsibility to make sure that you are always safe while at work. Not only do they have to provide you with a safe workplace to operate from, but they also need to ensure that you are only being asked to carry out tasks that are safe for you to complete. This means you need to be fully aware of the health and safety laws that they should be abiding by at all times. This will help you to better identify when rules or regulations are being broken, and means you can better fight your corner if you think that something is being done in the wrong way. If you ever feel that your workplace is unsafe, tasks are unsafe, your equipment is unsafe or out of date, you’re not being provided with the correct PPE, or anything else, it’s important to raise the issue with your company’s HR department, or, if there isn’t a HR department, the owner. If you ever experience any injury or illness as a direct result of an incident in the workplace, you need to reach out to a competent lawyer like Alex Hernandez Lawyer to help with your case.

Protecting Yourself From Prejudice

Nobody should experience prejudice anywhere. Various characteristics are protected in all workplaces, which means that nobody at your work, including your employer, can be prejudiced against you due to your age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy, or being or becoming a transgender person. Take legal action if you believe this is not being respected.

Protecting Your Income

Most countries around the world have a minimum wage in place to ensure that your employer is paying you a fair wage in exchange for your work. Make sure you know the minimum wage of the country you’re working in and that you are receiving this at least. If not, again, the best route to take is legal action. Not only will this secure you the money that you should be being paid, but it will also prevent your employer from trying to exploit anyone else in a similar manner.

These are just three areas where you need to protect yourself while at work. Stand up for your rights at all times!

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