5 Questions to Ask Before Moving to a New Office

Posted in Business on July 13th, 2023

If your company has enjoyed unexpected success over the past few years, there’s a chance that your business has outgrown its space, and you need to search for a larger office to accommodate this growth. However, before you pack everything up and start the exciting but arduous moving process, you need to ask yourself a few key questions to ensure you have everything in order. 

Will You Rent or Own?

Most businesses rent their workspace but suppose you find an affordable office to purchase outright. You may need to speak to a real estate or Zoning Lawyer about what you can and can’t do, and this purchase can solidify your company in the community. However, this investment could be a mistake if your business does not maintain its trajectory, so it’s worth thinking carefully about what would benefit your business the most. 

How Does It Affect Everyone’s Commute?

Another issue to consider is the location and how the new office will impact everyone’s commute. Although many companies allow employees to work remotely or offer flexible working hours, there are still significant health implications of a longer commute if you need them to come into the office. Furthermore, consider how your relocation may affect clients used to traveling to your current premises. There will also be issues like traffic, parking, and deliveries to factor in when selecting your new office. 

Is There Enough Space For Further Growth?

If you believe your new office is the one and you will stay there forever, ask whether there is enough space for even further growth. You’ve already had to depart one office because you have outgrown it and you do not want a repeat of that too soon. Investing in a larger office or warehouse space now can give you the freedom to expand later when necessary.

Does the Style Reflect Your Business?

Modern companies want their office space to reflect what their business is which is why you typically see sleek buildings for tech companies. While decorating your office can help you match the office to your brand’s image, the building itself should also share slime similarities. First impressions matter more than ever in business, so a modern office building will make your company look and feel more desirable than an older office block built before anyone working there can even remember. 

Who Do You Need to Inform?

The last thing you want is to arrange appointments or meetings and have clients or employee candidates arrive at the wrong space. After finalizing your move, let everyone know that your office is moving. You can do this by sending out newsletters with a banner highlighting the move. You can also put it at the end of an email correspondence. During the week before you move, send another reminder. You should also update any online directories you have, such as Google My Business or LinkedIn so people know where to find you.

Moving Onwards

Moving to a new office is an exciting–if stressful–time for any company. Asking yourself and your team these questions will help you be more prepared for any mishaps or issues and ensure you make the right choice to improve the future of your company. 

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