Is It Time to Upgrade Your Workplace HVAC?

Posted in Business on January 4th, 2022

If your workplace has an old HVAC system, upgrading to a newer system could have many benefits. Below are just a few signs that it could be time to consider an upgrade.

It Takes Ages to Warm Up/Cool Down

You should be able to easily control the temperature of your workplace without having to wait ages for it to take effect. If you find yourself waiting ages for your HVAC system to heat up or cool down your workplace, it could be because your system is getting old or because it’s not suited to the size of your workplace. Make sure that it’s not because your system is overdue a service – a HVAC system that hasn’t been cleaned and maintained is likely to be less efficient.

It’s Not Very Environmentally Friendly

An older HVAC system may not be very eco-friendly compared to modern solutions. You should consider whether it’s worth upgrading your HVAC in order to make your business greener. Running a green business could be good for your reputation – an upgrade could allow you to apply for certification such as USGBC LEED certification or WELL certification in order to make your business stand out.

It’s Costing You a Lot of Money

On top of not being very environmentally-friendly, an old energy-guzzling HVAC system could be resulting in high energy bills. You may even find yourself spending lots of money on repairs if the system is nearing the end of its lifetime. Consider whether a new HVAC system could save you money in the long run. You could consider switching to geothermal heat pumps – heat pump life expectancy can often be much greater than regular HVAC and you’ll be tapping into a renewable energy source. Solar HVAC could be another renewable option that could be a good investment, as well as helping your business to be greener.

It’s Distractingly Noisy

Some HVAC systems can be very noisy. If you and your employees are having trouble concentrating on your work because of the noise, it could be worth looking into a modern quiet solution. Similarly, if you run a hotel and guests are having trouble sleeping, it could be important for your reputation. The average HVAC system has a noise level of over 70 decibels, however there are some modern systems that sit between the 50 – 60 range. These could be worth looking into if a quiet work environment is important.

It Has Limited Programmable Features

Modern HVAC systems tend to have digital thermostats with multiple settings such as the ability to put heating on a timer or automatically adjust the temperature depending on the climate or your budget. If you have an older system that doesn’t have these types of features, consider whether it’s worth upgrading. Having access to these extra features could allow you more control over how you set the temperature and how much money you’re spending. It’s worth taking the time to compare HVAC solutions to find one that has the right range of settings for you.

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