7 Tips for Finding the Right Home in a City

Posted in Lifestyle on October 3rd, 2022

Living in a city can be very different from living elsewhere. Not only is it more expensive, but there can be added challenges to contend with such as parking and security. For those looking for somewhere to rent or buy in a city, it could be worth considering some of these 7 tips for helping you to find the right home. 

Know Your Priorities

Because prices are so much higher in a city, you may need to be prepared to make certain sacrifices if you’re not on a high income. In most cases, it could be a case of either prioritising space or location. Many large families end up buying property on the outskirts of a city where it’s cheaper. Those that require a more central location typically find that this means opting for a smaller home. Be sure to bear this in mind when looking for a city home.

Consider Living with Roommates

If you’re single with no kids, consider whether you may be willing to live with roommates. Not only does this provide you with company, but it could allow you to afford somewhere bigger to share. Most single young people living alone in a city can afford nothing more than an apartment. Being prepared to live with one or more roommates could open up the option of living in a house where you can split bills. 

Consider the Pros of an Apartment

Apartments are popular in cities because they are typically cheaper than renting a house. What most people don’t realise is that they can have many other perks too. Apartments are typically quite secure places to live compared to houses and can often get you access to better locations. Some apartments may even give you access to luxuries you won’t have in a house, including amenities like on-site gyms, shops and swimming pools. Even if this does mean downsizing, it could be beneficial. 

Look Into Public Transportation Links

Most people end up relying a lot on public transport when living in a city. When choosing a property to move into, consider looking into local public transport links such as bus routes or subway stations. Having convenient public transport links on your doorstep could reduce the amount of time spent getting around. 

Consider How Important Parking Is

If you drive and own a car, having somewhere to park could be important. Parking in some areas of cities can be a challenge – in some areas you may struggle to find a spot or have to pay to park. Ideally, if you’re not prepared to get rid of your car, you should try to look for somewhere that has free off-road or private parking.

Research Neighborhood Amenities

It’s also important to work out what amenities the neighborhood has to offer. For instance, what are the local shops like? Is there a local park? Are there good schools in the area? You should try to move somewhere that has everything you need within walking distance. 

Research the Local Crime Rate

Some areas of cities may have a high crime rate. While homes in high crime areas are likely to be cheaper, it’s generally not a sacrifice that’s worthwhile. Your home should feel safe and secure – moving to a high crime area could be something you quickly regret. You can look up local crime rates online. 

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