Tips for Investing in 2019

Posted in Investing on July 26th, 2019

As is the case with just about anything, time changes the way that a certain product or market operates. Technology plays a big role in this as well. For investing, this is never truer. Just because something may have worked even two years ago does not mean that it will be successful in 2019.

Knowing what to do is of the utmost importance and finding the most successful trends will be a key factor in growing your financial portfolio and finding continued success when investing your money towards a variety of goals.

IRAs Are important

IRAs allow you to make contributions for the prior tax year all the way up to the filing deadline. This is great because it provides tax breaks and allows you to invest your money at tax-deductible rates. It’s not quite free money but it is the next best thing.

Knowing things like asset allocation, fees, and what your assets are invested in and why is hugely important. Again, this is your money, so know where it is going. IRAs are great for financial goals that you have set like saving for a home or retirement. Get an IRA if you can.

Real Estate Is Still Key

There was a time where investing in the real estate market was not a feasible option due to the house crash. But prices continue to go up as the rebound continues and the real estate market continues to look like a viable trend.

Even if you don’t buy actual physical property, you can always invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts – also known as REITs. REITs give you the ability to take advantage of the upsides related to the real estate market without having to deal with the hassles of being a landlord.

Invest in Yourself

Regardless of the investments that you make, your earnings will never be greater than they are through your career. Do the things that you need to do to maximize your earning potential. Take the steps towards achieving a promotion. Put yourself out there to make yourself more valuable to the company you work for.

Maximizing your earning potential is an important factor towards your overall financial health. The more money that you make through your job, the more that you have to invest towards your future and financial goals. Invest in yourself so that you can invest in other ways.

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