4 Ways to Make Your Office Space Energy Efficient

Posted in Business on March 15th, 2022

Having an eco-friendly is crucial. It’s something that consumers are looking out for in the businesses they support. Thanks to the ease of information, due to the internet, people are learning about current events at a faster rate than ever. Something that has definitely made big attention is climate change. Customers and clients are trying to do their part in fighting climate change. This includes making personal changes, but this can extend outward to who they buy and hire from.

As a business, you know that you need to keep up with consumer trends, and some trends last significantly longer than others. Making changes in your business, especially your workspace (such as an office or commercial building) is going to be one of the best ways to go about it. So here’s how!

Set Up Monthly Goals

This should be something that you and your team will focus on. If you think about it, certain business facilities for your employees can drastically improve your business. So why not set up goals within these facilities and the physical office space as a whole? These can be energy-efficient goals, conscious choices to help the environment, and so much more. But creating these goals can help you and everyone else in the space be far more aware of the choices that are being made. This can then help give a push for better sustainable habits for the long road.

Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

If your workspace has windows, why keep the lights on? Sunlight is free and this should be your best friend. It keeps the building warm (if that’s what you’re after), it keeps it nice and bright, plus Vitamin D is much needed for everyone. While natural sunlight is fantastic, it’s understandable that some concerns can arise.  UV rays are harmful for the skin and eyes, plus this can make the space too bright which then lowers productivity. 

Sometimes, depending on the time of the area, the bright sun can make it too hot. This then causes the AC to come on. So what can be done about this? Natural lighting is sustainable but at the same time and can be a bit unsustainable depending on the situation.  One way to go about this would be commercial window tinting. This can be a great way to block out UV rays and the heat, all while still maintaining a bright space.

Invest in Solar Panels

If you own your own workspace, this could be a  great option for you. While solar panels are expensive, including the installation, this can be the perfect way to save on energy. Solar panels are also perfect for storing energy that can then be used later for consumption.

Conduct an Audit

If you can run an energy consumption business audit, then definitely try to do so! These are the types of audits that will allow your business to view how much energy they’re expanding and where most of it is coming from.  There are different agencies that can help detect the energy consumption, but sometimes your local energy company can do this for free as well. 

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