The Best Ways to Perfect Your Resume

Posted in Career on December 1st, 2022

Maybe you want to get back into the job market after a side hustle went sideways, or maybe you’re just not ready to run a business of your own – both are equally valid reasons. But this does mean your resume is going to need polishing, and that can be hard to do if you’re out of practice. However, you’re not alone in trying to secure the job of your dreams, which means there’s a lot of advice out there on how to perfect the sheet of paper that tells an employer everything you’re capable of. Here are some of the best points you should keep in mind for your own journey. 

Write Yourself the Right Way

If you write like you know what you’re doing, and like you’ve achieved things in your career, you’ll come off as much more capable. This is better than writing like you’ve only been a part of things, and have simply witnessed a lot along the way. Be direct, be active, and have a tone that recognizes how important your contributions have been. This is not the place to downplay yourself and your skills! 

Create a Different Resume for Each Job

A different resume for each job will help you to target the various sectors you could work in much more effectively. But you don’t need a completely separate resume for every single job you could apply for. Just tweak things here and there, to ensure relevant information is included in every submission you make, and that there’s no jargon waffle accompanying it! 

Think About the Processing Systems

Many companies in the modern day won’t go through resumes by hand, unless you’re applying to a small business or local chain. Instead they’re likely to use a processing system to go through resumes for them, thanks to a large intake and a lack of time. 

In doing so, it’s best to match your resume (which you made specially for this job) to the keywords present in the original job posting. Of course, many of these words will be naturally included in your qualifications and experience subheadings, but just double check before you send it off. 

Know It off by Heart

If you get to the interview stages, it’s best to know your resume off by heart before you get there. This way you can answer questions in depth and without needing to think too much, especially for critical industries like the financial sector. 

Indeed, if your skills are best suited to work something like an auditing position, check out an FDD interview guide during your time learning your resume. Remember, a good knowledge of your resume will help you to direct the flow of the conversation, and ensure you’re always coming off as someone confident and in the know. 

Perfecting your resume isn’t just about what you write. It’s about knowing how employers hire in the first place, and how to keep interest when you finally sit down in the interview room.

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