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Posted in Career on February 22nd, 2024

Choosing the right career is important. We all need money to live, but many people end up in jobs they don’t like. This can have such a negative impact on your life overall, as we spend so much of our time in the workplace. If you don’t love, like or even find what you do semi- interesting then your days will drag and you’ll get no enjoyment from the huge chunk of time you spend there. The good news is, you CAN find a job that you genuinely enjoy, it’s all about matching your skills and passions to your career choice. Let’s explore how you can do that.   

Understanding Your Skills

When it comes to matching yourself to the right career it’s essential to understand what you’re good at, everyone has skills that they excel in. It could be problem solving or working with your hands. It could be that you’re creative and are often told that you think outside the box, or it might be that you’re super caring and compassionate.  Take some time to think about what you’re naturally good at. Maybe you’re great at talking to people, or perhaps you’re really good at organising things? Understanding your skills is the first step towards finding a career that’s right for you because you can find jobs that are naturally based on those kinds of skills. 

Identifying Your Passions

Next, consider your favourite kinds of activities because your interests can point you in the direction of a fulfilling career. If you enjoy being outside for example then you might think about a job in forestry or landscaping, or if you’re an active person that hates being stuck in your seat then you’ll know to avoid desk jobs. You could consider a profession in social work or healthcare if you have a strong desire for helping people. You could even take your personality into consideration, look at careers for introverts if you know you don’t enjoy working with the public or in groups, or choose a job that’s naturally more isolated. This could be anything from a work from home position to truck driving! You can focus on career possibilities that are in line with your passions by defining what those are.

Researching Career Options

Once you have a good understanding of your skills and passions, it’s time to look into different jobs you might like. Start by checking out industries that interest you, like if you love animals, you might explore careers in veterinary clinics, animal shelters or zoos. If you enjoy working with computers, you could look into jobs in technology companies or IT departments. Take time to learn about each job you’re interested in and find out what skills are needed and what a typical day looks like. If you’re considering a job in healthcare, you might learn that nurses need to be compassionate and good at multitasking. They might spend their days caring for patients, administering medication and communicating with doctors. Next, consider the requirements for each job, some jobs may require specific education or training, while others may value on the job experience more. You might need to study to get the right qualifications first, or you might be able to take an entry level job and work your way up to where you want to be with experience. 

Look at Opportunities for Your Career Growth

When you’re choosing a career, it’s important to consider opportunities for growth and advancement. Look for industries that are growing and evolving, where there’s room for you to progress in your career. 

Ask For Advice and Guidance

Finally, don’t be afraid to seek advice and guidance from others. Talk to friends, family members or even mentors who are already working in fields that interest you. They can offer valuable insights and advice to help you make an informed decision.

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