The Most Important Soft Skills Employers Are Looking For

Posted in Career on July 27th, 2021

Although some jobs require specific hard skills to fulfil the role, there are many soft skills that employers also look for. Hard skills relate to technical ability or specific training whilst soft skills are more about a person’s personality traits. Soft skills often show what you will be like as a worker, what your attitude is like, if you can work well in a team and if you remain motivated. These skills are important to employers.

If you demonstrate how you possess these skills and pass the company’s background checks, your next job could be around the corner. Here are the most important soft skills that employers look for.

#1: Communication Skills

An applicant with solid communication skills shows that they can express themselves and listen well to colleagues. Communicating effectively helps the smooth running of a team. In some roles, there will be communication with clients too, having someone who comes across well and knows the best way to speak to clients is important.

#2: Desire to Learn

Being curious and open to learning and development opportunities is an important soft skill. In today’s workplace, technologies and processes are constantly evolving. If you’re working in marketing, for example, the tools you were using five years ago are completely different now. Being someone who likes learning new programmes, technologies and ways of working will show your adaptability and longevity in the role.

#3: Being Able to Analyse Data

Lots of companies increasingly use big data to inform the decisions they make. It could be data collected on customers, the marketplace in general, or the company. If you are an analytical person who finds it easy to interpret and draw accurate conclusions from data, this will stand out to potential employers. Showing that you can harness the information data provides to make improvements to the business is an impressive and desirable soft skill.

#4: Problem-Solving

Employers want people in their teams who are not phased by problems that may arise. Rather than getting flustered, they want someone who can provide solutions and solve problems. Being able to present these solutions rather than only identifying the issues makes life a lot easier for employers. Being solution-orientated is an important soft skill to have.

#5: Being Innovative and Creative

A creative mind is very desirable to employers. It shows the ability to think differently from others and bring something unique to the team. Having a creative person in a team can spark new ideas and encourage others to think outside of the box too. Creativity often leads to innovation which sets a company apart from its competitors.

#6: Positive Attitude

Last but not least, a positive attitude goes a long way and is a highly desirable soft skill. Someone with a positive attitude often possesses some of the above skills too, such as a desire to learn or problem-solve. Having a positive presence in a team boosts morale and improves the working atmosphere immensely. When the atmosphere feels more positive it leads to better teamwork and increases productivity.

Don’t underestimate the importance of soft skills. They often lay the foundation for functional teams and create the best environment for good work to be done. Having someone that possesses positivity, communication skills, an analytical mind and a creative outlook does wonders for a team.

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