Big Investing Opportunities in the Post-COVID 19 World

Posted in Investing on May 13th, 2021

It’s too early to say that we are done and dusted with the pandemic, especially with the rise of a few particularly worrying variants. However, as the vaccination level increases, it’s not entirely unlikely that things might be returning to some normalcy. With it, there are going to be significant opportunities for investment. But where are you likely to get the most out of your wealth-building capital?

Companies Investing in Automation

It’s a trend that was already underway pre-COVID, but a lot of businesses are going to be looking at raising levels of productivity back up and they’re not going to rely entirely on rehiring to make up for lost labor. Instead, the recent employment fluctuations are much more likely to speed up automation, so looking for companies investing in automating labor, or even those companies that provide automation on the stock market might be a good idea.

The Cream of the Online Retail Cloth

Another trend that has been continuing for some time is the move of retail to the online world. COVID-19 and the lockdowns that have followed have only exacerbated the divide between those who did online well and those who did not. As such, it’s worth keeping a close eye out for the rising stars of e-commerce across industries and they’re likely to continue reaping the benefits. Of course, for entrepreneurs, this also means that any opportunity to start an online store in an area that is underserved can also be highly lucrative.


Aside from investing directly in tourism companies on the market, you can get hands-on and reap much more of the benefit by getting involved in the industry yourself. It won’t be entirely unexpected to see investors buy luxury real estate as travel resumes. There’s going to be a much greater need for holiday homes and rentals over the next year as travel opens up much more than it has over the past year. For those who have been holding onto languishing property for the past year, it might be time to consider having it inspected and freshened up, as we may be seeing much more use of it in 2021.

A New World of Health Care

The health care industry has always been stable, but there is likely to be a redoubled focus on improving it after a pandemic exposed the various problems that have always been under the surface. As such, there’s likely to be increased state investment in health care services that can not only make it more agile and prepared for future crises but can make them more efficient and profitable at the same time. Healthcare spending is expected to see a steep curve upwards, regardless of which party is in control.

The above suggestions are by no means a sure thing. The truth is that we don’t know how coming out of a pandemic is going to affect our economy. However, by watching the market in these places, in particular, you might be able to identify which irons to strike while they’re hot.

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