How to Keep Your Clinic COVID-19 Safe

Posted in Business on October 2nd, 2020

We’re smack in the middle of a pandemic right now, and as you know, this has caused a huge strain on every person and every business this year. The smaller businesses are being stripped back and the larger businesses are struggling to stay afloat. Hospitals and clinics are also struggling to keep up with the number of patients that they have to manage – and their hygiene protocols.

Clinics and hospitals have to be impeccably clean and meet the minimum hygiene standards pandemic or not, but at this point, you have to do everything that you can to keep your clinic as safe from COVID-19 as possible. Articles like explaining which bugs could be living in your hospital will tell you exactly what to expect, but you also now have to consider COVID-19. It’s exhausting to keep on top of the constantly changing news, so we’ve got some suggestions on how you can ensure that you are maintaining clinic safety.

Have a Plan

You need to be able to identify any patients coming in with COVID-19. You also need a plan to identify those who are at risk of the virus itself. You need to ensure that your business practices are designed to triage patients based on Coronavirus checklists as handed down by your state. You need to recognize patients who could be infected, and this will help you to modify your existing policies to fit COVID-19. Patients at risk will need to be tested before coming into your facility, and if they haven’t been tested they cannot come into your business.

Contract Cleaners

You need to look at your existing cleaning contractors and figure out whether you will be able to maintain cleanliness at COVID-19 levels or not. Some cleaning companies are offering more in-depth cleaning services than previously as they are able to meet the new hygiene guidelines.

Be Prepared for Walk-Ins

Some patients may arrive at your business without an appointment and you need to be prepared for this. Not only do you need to screen patients properly, you need to then direct them to test centers or to their recognized COVID-19 center if they have any of the symptoms at all. Ask walk-in patients to remain outside of the facility until they have been assessed.

Speak to Other Local Hospitals

You need to know what your local hospitals are doing in terms of COVID-19. Are they prepared? Are they anticipating an influx of patients? You have to communicate with local facilities so that you are all working together to keep the cases low.

Provide Sanitation

Hand sanitizer and disposable masks have to be prepared for each patient no matter why they are in your hospital. Your clinic needs to remain COVID-19 safe, and you can do that when you provide them with the means to do that. Your ability to work safely is going to depend on the way that your patients act and are treated.

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