How to Reduce Procrastination Levels in Business

Posted in Business on January 4th, 2020

Procrastination can occur within many areas of the business, and a lot of it can be brought on by boredom or the environment that the person is working in. Here are some tips that can help reduce procrastination levels in business.

Block Certain Websites

Throughout the day, your staff will likely become bored and start browsing websites that are known to distract and deter from doing work. That’s sometimes needed when they need to take a brief break from work, but sometimes they can end up using this an excuse to spend more than a few minutes and rather than half an hour or an hour on the sites. So if you want to put some stricter procedures in place, you can block certain websites from being used on work computers. Social media sites tend to be a common feature to distract and also online shopping. Put a restriction on these sites or block them after a certain amount of time has been spent on it.

Encourage a Clean Workspace

A cleaner workplace is going to help both your staff stay productive but also to keep their health in shape. The EssentialSkillz DSE training is a great way to ensure that the workspace they have is one that’s providing them with the tools and comfort they need to do their job. It’s surprising just how much a poorly lit or tight workspace can impact the productivity and aid procrastination. Ask your staff what could be changed in regards to their workstation and then implement those changes as and when you can. Some might be quick changes you can do immediately, others might be costly and take a little time.

Help Better the Work Processes

The way a department or company works can change and vary depending on what’s already in place. For example, a task management platform where everyone in a department communicates with one another can be effective. It helps people become more aware of who in the organization is doing what and what can be done to help better those areas that need a little work. Try to find the areas where work processes can be worked on to improve and to make better.

Be Strict With Breaks

Breaks are needed to help give your staff members the time they need to distract and help reset their productive batteries. Reducing procrastination can be done by being strict with breaks in both aspects. Make sure your staff actually take their full lunch break and that they take regular brief breaks throughout the day. However, make sure that some aren’t taking the mick and letting others pick up the slack of those who are spending too much time away from their desks.

Reducing procrastination isn’t always going to be fully eradicated, but staying on top of it will help. Keep your staff happy and better those work processes already in place. Be strict with breaks and encourage a clean workspace for your staff at all times to avoid them getting distracted.

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