3 Simple Tips to Improve Website Conversions

Posted in Online Marketing on October 19th, 2022

You’re generating lots of web traffic because your marketing/advertising channels are expertly set up. Unfortunately, when people land on your site, you struggle to convert them. You end up with lots of traffic, but it isn’t really doing anything for your business. If anything, this is more frustrating than not getting much traffic at all!

How can you improve conversions on your website? A whole host of ideas spring to mind, so here are three to kickstart your improvements: 

Create Proper Landing Pages

Landing pages are pages you have created specifically for people to “land” on when clicking an advert for your business. Your ads are generating loads of clicks, but if you notice they aren’t converting, it’s probably because of the pages your traffic lands on. 

Proper landing pages are designed specifically to convert. They directly relate to the advert someone clicked on, instantly showing them exactly what they’re after. If someone sees an ad for a specific product, clicks it, and then ends up on your home page, you will struggle to have a good conversion rate. Why? Because you make life harder for them. Instead, if they instantly got taken to the product page and were convinced to buy it, there’s a higher chance you convert them. 

There’s a really good video below that shows you how to make great landing pages: 

Improve Your Copy

Copywriting is crucial for landing pages, but it’s also essential for every other page on your website. When people find you organically, they need to receive the right information from your copy. It’s not so much a case of selling your business, but rather trying to show why people should buy things from you. Focus on what they can get from the transaction, rather than what you can provide – if that makes sense. 

Now, it is possible to become a copywriter with no experience, but you are better off hiring experienced copywriters who know what they are doing. With some new copy on your site, it should be able to increase your conversions. 

Make Your Website Faster

Finally, you will really set your business up for success if you make your website faster than it currently is. A good way to know if your site is slow is by simply loading it up on multiple devices. Does it take a few seconds for a page to load? If so, your site is definitely too slow! 

You struggle to see good conversions because people can’t be bothered to stick around and wait for your website to load. It annoys them having to wait five or more seconds whenever they click on something, so they bounce. Boosting your site’s speed will counter this and keep people on your pages for longer. From here, your copy and landing pages can do the rest!

Use these ideas to kickstart your website conversion strategy. Other ideas can also be used, but these are probably the best ones to get started. It’s also worth making one change at a time. So, start by altering your website speed if it is slow, and see if this makes a difference. If it does, that was probably the only issue! You can try other tactics and test to see if improvements are made or not as well.

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