Smart Investments That Aren’t Stock

Posted in Investing, Personal Finance on June 26th, 2020

It is often the case that people don’t consider investing as something that is for them. If you look at it logically, most people have investments though. Cars, property, the clothing that you were. Everything that you do with your cash is some kind of investment. It isn’t all billion dollar deals and high stress.

When it comes to choosing how much and  where you want to invest, it is always beneficial to speak to a professional.


Yes, you are one of the most important investments you can make. Often people are so concerned with bank accounts, and stocks and shares, they forget that the single most important investment they can make is in themselves. You are the one that will earn money, you are the one who will advance your career and/or start a business. So it makes sense that you are the perfect investment. Which is where business mentors, life coaches, training courses and higher education or come into play. These all increase your profitability and happiness over time.


While there are some debts that can be viewed as a positive thing. Like a credit card that  is consistently paid off every month. Some debts aren’t great, and they won’t just disappear. If you are paying the minimum on credit cards, hire-purchase items, and loans, you are going to be paying more in interest and less on the actual death. Now is the time to look at which one is closest to being paid off and start making more significant payments. Over time all of these would increase massively, which will put you back in the driving seat of your own credit rating.


Many people don’t consider insurance and investment. However, health insurance, business insurance, health insurance and life insurance are the kind of thing you are glad you have when you need it. Paying into those products is for long-term protection. When that protection materialises in the form of something like an annuity or a large lumpsum payout, that can be life-changing and help in so many ways. Although you should know that there are annuity buyers, should you not wish to have a monthly payout.

Houses and Land

Putting money into houses and land is typically a good investment. You can pick up very reasonably priced houses and land at auctions. When there is a new land for sale, you will have to move quickly because it is an investment that doesn’t lose value. Over the years homes and land tend to make a great life long profit. Which makes them an ideal investment.

When it comes to investments, there are so many other areas that you can look into apart from stocks and shares. However if you do you like the idea of buying stocks and shares and there are a number of automated investment robots, and a number of platforms that you can spend a small amount and purchase small percent of new start-up companies and other companies that are looking for investments. Almost all of these types of investments will come with some tax perks too.

Always remember to only put into investments what you can afford safely.

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