Where to Put Your Money? Investment for Beginners!

Posted in Investing on November 24th, 2020

Some people baulk at the word “investment”, they think it has connotations with extreme risk and the simple fact that their money can be easily lost. But this isn’t the truth. Sure, your money can be at risk in certain investments but there are ways you can hedge and ensure you don’t make a huge loss.

There are so many different ways a beginner can get into investment, and if you’re in the enviable position of having some money to invest, these tips can get you started. Remember though, you should always have some savings first. Don’t invest your savings. Keep a few months worth of expenses in the bank, just in case. Here are some bite size tips to get you started.

Property Investment

Investing in property is always popular with first time investors. This is because they might know the area they’re buying a property in, which is always extremely important for a property investor. Having the capital is one thing but to be successful here research is paramount. Looking at home design is important, but more so is considering the local schools, any local construction products which can implement price, transport links etc. Be clever with property and don’t jump at the first “Deal” you think you’ve found.

Consider a Fund

Funds are a nice introduction to the world of investment. They’re managed portfolios usually offered by banks. They allow you to invest and not worry about the management of the investment and are often offered in certain tiers or risk. To start out, have a chat with your bank.

In Yourself

A lot of people are investing in themselves these days by starting a small business or thinking of something to bring in a little more cash. Some might want to sell products on amazon, while others will invest in a blog to make some passive side income. Some of these will require investment at the start and can be a good alternative if you believe in yourself and have the time to make this a reality.


Bonds are another great and steady investment for beginners. Usually offered by corporations and governments. You’ll get better returns on corporate bonds but government bonds are usually known to be a little safer. Just don’t pull your money out early or you’ll lose out on the yield and may even have to pay a fee.


This involves investing in items like art or whiskey. Both completely legitimate forms of investment if you know what you’re doing. They age over time and become a little more expensive. If you understand the niche and time it right you can make a nice little profit on the side. You do really need to understand what will age well or won’t, otherwise you might be left sat with something expensive with no out.


These are a little harder to get into as there is a steep learning curve, especially for day trading, instead you might be better off looking at holding the stocks for long term investment instead of selling them early. Again, these are better used as part of a fund if you don’t want to take a hands on approach. Exactly the same can be said of FOREX.

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