4 Key Components of Great Real Estate Investment

Posted in Real Estate on November 4th, 2020

When you are looking to invest in real estate, it’s crucial to know what the most important things are. Ultimately, there are a wide variety of factors at play. So let’s have a look at what you need to consider if you are considering jumping into this market.

The New Construction vs. Existing Property Dilemma

There are significant benefits to both. These days, there are a wide variety of luxury new construction homes for sale and with new construction, there is the opportunity to customize, as well as attractive pricing. However, the downside can be delays and the prospect of an unknown newly developed neighborhood. Existing properties can have lower costs and convenience, but may not have modern amenities. When you are looking for your ideal real estate investment, you need to review past projects and look at the construction company’s reputation for building new investments. Look at the monthly maintenance costs, as well as the taxes. You should also think about quality checking items to see if they are included in the sale. New construction vs. an existing property is a dilemma for many people to consider. It depends on how long you want to live in the property, as well as the purpose.

Look at the Investment Purpose and Investment Horizon

Real estate yields high-value investment. But there can be a lack of clarity on the purpose, which can lead to financial issues if the investment is mortgaged. You need to decide what type of category you are suited to. If you plan to “buy and lease,” you will get a regular income. If you “buy and sell in the short-term,” this will give you a quick profit, but “buying and selling in the long-term” will help you appreciate more money. The fourth category is “buy and self-use,” which can help you to save on rent and get value appreciation. You need to decide which category you fall into.

Getting the Property Valued

This is crucial, not just for financing during the purchase, but it can help you in the decades after living in the property. By getting a proper valuation of the property, you will be able to understand how much you can list it for further down the line, how it will suit your investment portfolio, and therefore, how it will improve your life in a financial sense. When you are looking to value the property, you need to consult recent comparable sales of properties with similar structures. You also need to think about the income approach based on the cash flow. You may also want to think about how much it will cost to upgrade the property and the land around it.

Your Credit Score

This is something that needs fixing. Your credit score will impact your ability to get a mortgage and the terms the lender offers. You need to get a score greater than 800 to be considered excellent. In order to get to this point, you need to pay bills on time, minimize your debt, and limit excessive spending. Overall, a great real estate investment isn’t just about the property but it boils down to you as well. And this is something that we can neglect.

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